Webex Overview

Webex brings together Calling Meetings, and Messaging modes of collaboration into a seamless, inclusive and intelligent experience. Make meetings more interactive and engaging - Reduce disruptions with background noise removal and voice enhancement - Enable audiences to share their reactions with animated emojis and gesture recognition - Improve audience engagement with next-gen dynamic polling and Q&A - Customize the stage layout to focus on the content and people that matter most.

Webex Core Features

Collaboration Features
  • Agile & Scrum
  • Audio/Video Chats
  • Brainstorming
  • Calendar Management
  • Contact Management
  • Content Collaboration
  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Version Control
  • Workflow Management
Web Conferencing Features
  • Group Collaboration
  • Mobile Access
  • On-Demand Webcasting
  • Presentation Streaming
  • Presentation Tools
  • Real Time Chat
  • Record & Playback Ability
  • Screen Sharing
  • Two-Way Audio & Video
  • Video Conferencing
Presentation Features
  • Audio & Video Content
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Customizable Templates
  • Comment/Review
  • Media Library
  • Offline Presenting
  • Sharing
  • Transitions & Animations
  • Visual Analytics
Webinar Features
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Customer Trainings
  • Customizable Branding
  • Live Broadcasting
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Screen Sharing
Team Communication Features
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Audio/Video Calls
  • Collaboration
  • File Sharing
  • Meeting Management
  • Mobile Access
  • Real-time Chat
  • Screen Sharing
  • Task Management
Video Conferencing Features
  • Auto Framing
  • File Sharing
  • HD Audio & Video
  • Mobile Access
  • Online Meetings
  • Polls & Survey
  • Presentation Streaming
  • Real Time Chat
  • Record & Playback
  • Screen Sharing
  • Verified Security
Live Streaming Features
  • Access Control
  • Audience Analytics
  • Audio Mixer
  • Customizable Branding
  • Graphics & Titles
  • Multiviewer
  • Session Recording
  • Streaming Production
  • Video Monetization Tools
  • Web Capture
Screen Sharing Features
  • Audio/Video Conferencing
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Desktop/Browser Sharing
  • Event Scheduling
  • File Sharing
  • Live Chat/Text
  • Mobile Screen Sharing
  • Screen Capture
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Session Recording
Remote Work Features
  • Audio/Video Calls
  • Collaboration
  • Employee Monitoring
  • File Sharing
  • Live Chat
  • Meeting Management
  • Project Management
  • Remote Access
  • Operations Management
  • Security

Webex Pricing

Pricing Type
Flat Rate
Free Version
Payment Frequency
Monthly Payment, Quote Based, Free
Vendor pricing page
30 Days Trial
Plans & Packages
$12.63 Per Month

Webex Reviews

4.7 (8 Reviews)

The most innovative part of this software is the AI-powered interactive assistant

Aviad Faruz
2 months ago

We Faruzo use Webex. With Webex, you can organize remote meetings with anyone, anywhere in the world. The platform offers high-quality video and audio for meetings of up to 1,000 participants without interruptions. During the webinars or video calls, you can share your screen, send files, and even start a whiteboard on which to draw. It also allows you to record meetings locally or in the cloud to review them later. The most innovative part of this software is the AI-powered interactive assistant that helps you stay online, take notes, and find out what's important about the meeting. However, this feature is only available on Enterprise plans. It’s been 3.5 years since we started using Cisco Webex twice a week for arranging video calls and sharing files with my staff. We consider it an essential tool for our business because it provides built-in AI and machine learning capabilities.

  • Ease of use
  • Features & functionality
  • Customer support
  • Value for money
  • Integrations
  • On-boarding
  • Overall ratings
10 User Score
User Recommendation Score

Real-time chat

posted on 25/9/20

At Lavari Jewelers, we use Cisco WebEx Meetings. We love WebEx’s electronic hand-raising feature. Virtual meetings make it hard to keep track of every screen, especially for sessions with more than 15 participants. A hand-raising button feature is an excellent tool that helps pinpoint users who have something to say without disturbing the flow of the meeting. 

Real-time chat encourages discussion during a presentation without disturbing the presenter. Unlike other web conferencing software, conversations only happen after the talk of presenters. However, WebEx allows participants to engage with each other during presentations through the live chat feature and discuss ideas without derailing the presenter’s momentum. 

WebEx has a smooth recording and playback feature. Some meetings contain crucial discussions that a copy of it is essential. With WebEx’s built-in recording function, users don’t have to use a third-party service to record the meeting. 


WebEx is expensive. For all it’s incredible features and functionality, the price point can be deterring for other firms. However, its features and customer support benefits greatly outweigh the price you pay.

Easy usability, metrics, extensive dashboard options

posted on 16/9/20

At Premier Title Loans, we make the process of applying for an auto title loan as easy as possible. Whether you apply online, in person or over the phone you can expect to have an approval decision within 15 minutes and cash in hand in one business day or less. 

Our company has been using Cisco WebEx for a while, and we are satisfied with its performance. 


Our company has chosen this software for its easy usability, metrics, extensive dashboard options, as well as meeting features for end-users. 

It does not require a tech-savvy team to kickstart and manage the meeting. 

This software works smoothly because features can be enjoyed by pressing a few buttons or most of the time. 

It provides the granular details of the meeting by displaying the in-depth matrices. 

By analyzing them, HR ensures that members are satisfied with its performance and features overall. 

It is best to identify the exact problems, fix them, and optimize the user's experience at every meeting. 

Admins always feel in control as they get access to tons of features for controlling dozens of aspects of the users’ experience by turning on and off the elements. Moreover, we like its screen sharing feature, meeting-recording in several formats, and wide platform support, which makes integration easy. 


They have designed this software for business purposes, but lack of emojis makes the lively chats dull sometimes. So, I think they need to add more features from a little bit of a fun perspective.

No time limit for hosting a meeting

posted on 14/9/20

Thrill Appeal was born out of our passion and enthusiasm for outdoor sports and fun. We aim to be the place to visit when learning about outdoor action sports and adventure. We are using Cisco WebEx for conducting various types of meetings, including traditional staff meetings, web seminars, webcasts, collaboration, and training sessions. 


 We are working remotely, and for the collaboration, we are using Cisco WebEx, one of the best video conferencing systems to date. It is a two in 1 excellent solution for every type of business who needs to chat and collaborate with their remote teams. With the tool, the units can share ideas via messaging, video calling, and whiteboard. It is a digital space bundled with many features like screen sharing, cloud recording, private meeting rooms, and more. The software offers a free service tier for adding up to 100 participants with no time limit for hosting a meeting. 


 For free and starter plans, the software offers limited customer support. With the open plan, the users can only get help through online chatting. The starter plan also has limited calling to support representative options. For the call-me feature, the software charges extra. 

Great collaboration tool

posted on 3/7/20
WebEx is a great webinar collaboration tool. It offers easy navigation for users and for your clients. Easy to login and share screens. Easy for the company to adopt. Has good quality audio and video. I would recommend this product to other companies seeking a unique collaboration tool.

Does Cisco WebEx keep pace in a current to post-pandemic workplace?

Chris Carpenter
posted on 3/7/20
We used Cisco WebEx or our teleconferencing needs for a few years. My company is 10k+ associates and part of a $5b portfolio of companies in the life sciences space. While WebEx worked okay enough, we underpurchased licensing - not all instances had included VOIP telephony, so we always had to include an AT&T conferencing number. Now, that decision seems unconscionable. In addition to the difficulty matching dial in to the web conference, accessing and working with meeting recordings was a special kind of miserable. Not recommended at all if you need to leverage recordings for anything once the meeting has cleared. The pandemic clearly showed what good must look like and what a weak or cobbled feature set does to your ability to maintain business continuity. WebEx has a compelling mobile app, but nothing that sets it far enough ahead of or even on pace with its competition. The best they can do at this point is become a like-kind to the Zoom and Teams standard that has been established as a baseline. I cannot recommend Cisco WebEx as a serious player in this space any longer. We spend several years allowing them to extract incremental revenue gains from us by a miserly approach to providing features piece-part. Willfully limiting your product’s functionality now for the sake of tiered experience is a clear indication of irrelevant tech and business model. To compete with Zoom or Teams, they must be the best, most well-integrated, feature rich, seamless platform available. In all aspects, they have been lapped by their peer group and are, for us, an irrelevant relic of communication styles 3-5 years prior to now.

Excelent Meeting Tool

Oscar Avelar
posted on 22/6/20

In my experience, Webex has been one of the best tools I have ever used. It is very simple to use and if necessary additional security can be added by restricting password access to meetings. I particularly like the option of recording meetings as it leaves an accurate record of the issues and commitments reached. During the last months, due to COVID, we have increased its use and we have verified that the productivity of working at home is not reduced. Even in some areas of the organization it has been increased since users feel more motivated with these tools since it helps them to reduce the stress of staying at home. I highly recommend using this tool. And if you can get it with the complete set that includes training and support, I assure you that productivity will be even higher.

Best communication tool for collaboration

Reuben Yonatan
posted on 27/5/20

At GetVOIP, we are using Cisco WebEx, A big part of collaboration is communication. The best communication tool for collaboration is Cisco WebEx. At the moment, they are offering the platform free to companies in all industries. However, the offer is limited to specific countries.

Other than the offer, which will help your organization save on costs during this period, WebEx is also ideal as a permanent collaboration tool after the crisis ends for two reasons.

Security. WebEx offers end-to-end encryption for both data that is in transit and data that is at rest. That means the media streams (video, audio and text) are encrypted during a session. WebEx also incorporates role-based access and options for enforcing password best practices.

Real-time WebEX Analytics. The analytics can be used for evaluations, reporting and marketing information.

Licensing & Deployment
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Web-based
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Chat
  • Phone
Knowledge Base
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  • On-Site Training
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