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Are you looking for an all-inclusive task management software to simplify and streamline task management? GoodFirms furnishes here a well-scrutinized list of best task management tools after meticulous research and in-depth analysis. The task management systems listed here offer broad features like document management, portfolio management, progress tracking, project budgeting, project planning, project scheduling, reporting, resource management, collaboration tools, task management, team management, and time tracking. Explore this list of best task manager software, leverage filters for features, pricing model, business size, deployment type, and compare them. Also, check the verified user reviews for the task management platforms listed here.

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List of the Best Task Management Software with Reviews.

  • ClientFlow

    Clientflow is a tool to keep all client communication in one place.
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    Clientflow is an all-in-one client and project management software that helps teams collaborate and increase productivity. With Shared inbox, Task management, Time tracking, Invoicing and Checklists, teams can manage all their internal and client service work from a single platform and work more efficiently. ... read more about ClientFlow

    $19 Per Month
    7 Days
    20% in Task Management Software
  • Teamfocus

    Teamfocus improves your team task management
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    Teamfocus is a task management system that utilizes workflows to ensure tasks move through a pre-defined and fully customizable series of steps. It’s fully customizable, and is suitable for any workflow – from a simple to-do list, through to your organization’s complete work process ... read more about Teamfocus

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    34% in Task Management Software
  • Show My Task

    Everything else you need from a Task Management Software
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    An easy-to-use task management software with features to decide priority, view history, issue reports, and more. Show my tasks is an easy-to-use, online task management software, that will enable your company to be more productive than ever. Available on multiple platforms, and integrated with the tools you already use, Show my tasks provides access to task lists at any time, from anywhere. ... read more about Show My Task

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    33% in Task Management Software
  • VIP Task Manager

    Task Management Software for Team Collaboration
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    VIP Task Manager is team collaboration software (client/server software) which allows multiple users to access the common database simultaneously through Local Network (LAN) and Low Speed Networks (Internet, VPN) to manage tasks, projects, processes, schedules, employees and any company activities in small business and enterprise departments, government and non-government institutes, non-profit an ... read more about VIP Task Manager

    $49.95 One-time
    30 Days
    34% in Task Management Software
  • Outplanr

    Turn to-do lists into daily work plans
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    Finally, resource and task management together! Outplanr turns your to-do lists into real, feasible work plans, that also include time spent on meetings. You can now visualize each person’s workload and assign them new tasks across all projects in one go. Outplanr was designed to turn your to-do list into a clear work plan without effort, making your life easier. Keep projects on track and easil ... read more about Outplanr

    $15 Per Month
    30 Days
    25% in Task Management Software
  • Cirkus

    Task management for real teams
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    Cirkus is cloud-based scheduling, team collaboration, project management, and task management tool. Native Mac and iOS apps, and also web and android platforms. Plan your work and book your tasks, projects, people, and resources. Streamline work with task and project templates. Chat and collaborate with comment and reply threads, inline files, mentions, and reactions. Store files within the app an ... read more about Cirkus

    Free version
    33% in Task Management Software
  • DynaDo

    Supercharge your productivity with powerful automations
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    DynaDo is a complete suite of tools needed to communicate and manage your business. It includes Email, Project Management, Customer Support, File Storage, Discussion Forums, Calendar, Chat, CRM. Manage, and automate your tasks, projects, files, customer communications, and team communications all on one platform. DynaDo brings all business data and employees in one place, and connects everything ... read more about DynaDo

    Free version
    15% in Task Management Software
  • Sendtask

    Bring work under control
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    A smart task manager built for easy collaboration. Create a to-do list, organize it with custom tags and track your progress in one place. Get things done on both web and mobile. Manage tasks from email, Evernote, and Slack for a seamless workflow. Sendtask lets you assign tasks to anyone using email - then automatically builds a shared workspace with all the tools you need for an efficient workfl ... read more about Sendtask

    Free version
    33% in Task Management Software
  • Modulus

    SMEs 1st choice for business and productivity software
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    Since the beginning of the internet era, emails played an important role in communication between company peers. Email is terrific tool, but when it comes to peer communications Email is just not good enough. How many times you lost tracking of a certain task because an email stopped at a certain team member and no one followed up on him. Modulus® Task Module allows you to collaborate effectively ... read more about Modulus

    $0.42 Per Month
    50% in Task Management Software
  • Yanado

    Task Management inside Gmail
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    Yanado is a project and task management as well as team collaboration tool within Gmail. Web-based solution that provides task management through alerts/notifications, data visualization, tagging and more. No need to waste time jumping between Gmail and project management tools. Manage your projects with Yanado right inside your Gmail. Stop losing focus and get the job done. ... read more about Yanado

    Free version
    33% in Task Management Software
  • Grapple

    Collaborative Task Management Software
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    Grapple is a task management software that is built with your team in mind. Our simple platform allows you to easily communicate with your team about on-going tasks and projects. User-driven task management software that improves your team efficiency and the way they communicate around tasks and projects. ... read more about Grapple

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    33% in Task Management Software
  • LeaderTask

    Task Planner for Remote Working
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    LeaderTask is a task manager champion. Web-based solution that provides task management through subtasks, tagging, file attachment, reminders and more. LeaderTask owns all features to organize any workflow by any time management system. Organizer LeaderTask, LLC is an independent software developer. The main direction is to create solutions for personal and corporative time management, project man ... read more about LeaderTask

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  • Manifestly

    An Online Checklist App for Everyone
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    Manifestly is a checklist app for teams to manage and complete their important recurring tasks. Our integrations and focus on ease-of-use ensure seamless integration into your company's daily tasks. Create Procedures, Workflows, Standardized Processes, Distribute Tasks, and more. Mobile and web software for team based checklists. Manifestly improves collaboration and accountability with your stand ... read more about Manifestly

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    100% in Task Management Software
  • WiseTeam

    CRM and project management software
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    WiseTeam – a flexible CRM and project management software solution. The software provide relevant information on your projects’ status and empowers you to make the right decisions. WiseTeam covers all functions that are needed to manage your business: from finding potential clients to billing and invoicing them. ... read more about WiseTeam

    $21 Per Month
    25% in Task Management Software
  • Actioned

    The team productivity tool that's changing how we work
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    Actioned is a productivity tool which helps individuals and teams get more of the important things done. By planning a few key actions for each day and making them transparent across the team, users can better focus on getting those things done and feel motivated by a sense of accomplishment. A little peer accountability doesn’t hurt either! Actioned has a focus on daily action lists, but tea ... read more about Actioned

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  • Flow-e

    Make your email great again
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    Flow-e is a visualization layer on top of your Outlook inbox. It provides an elegant Kanban-like workflow that's combined with the ideas behind Inbox Zero and GTD. Flow-e eliminates the need of external task management tools and transforms your inbox into a central To Do app. ... read more about Flow-e

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    50% in Task Management Software
  • MyLifeOrganized MLO

    The Most Flexible Task Management Tool
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    MyLifeOrganized (MLO) is the most flexible and powerful task management software for getting your to-dos finally done. MLO software allows users to create multiple tasks, subtasks and dependencies between them, view tasks in a hierarchical structure, set necessary reminders and entirely customize the task management system the way you need it. And the most important, MLO automatically selects the ... read more about MyLifeOrganized MLO

    $49.95 One-time
    More than 30 days
    50% in Task Management Software
  • HeySpace

    Make your team epic!
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    HeySpace is an entirely free collaboration software consists that consists of two major features: task management and advanced, powerful chat. HeySpace is the place you move the work forward. You can do everything in the card. Chat with co-workers, write rich text documents, tag, mark progress, set due dates and other useful things. The cornerstone of HeySpace and the most frequent thing you do ... read more about HeySpace

    $5 Per Month
    14 Days
    33% in Task Management Software
  • myTask2do

    We make you more efficient.
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    Task Management application simplifies managing combined team task lists, and allow you to effectively work with your team to get things done from single platform in real time. Cloud based team alliance tool which is beneficial for small to large businesses operating from single to multiple locations. Create tasks, set time schedules, add footnote, prioritize, and track task progress – all by se ... read more about myTask2do

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    50% in Task Management Software
  • Toodledo

    Get more done, your way
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    Toodledo is one of the most popular online to-do lists, with over a million users managing more than 100 million tasks. Our philosophy has always been to listen to our customers, provide excellent support, and continually enhance our service. As a result, over the last 10+ years we have built a very powerful platform for organizing people's lives. ... read more about Toodledo

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  • Hibox

    Teamwork reimagined.
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    Hibox is an out-of-the-box solution to handle the three most critical pain points in collaborating with your team: 1) faster communication (team messaging), 2) keep track of your projects (task management) and 3) live discussions for remote work or separate offices (video calls). Hibox takes task management a step further through Artificial Intelligence that applies Machine Learning to recognize ... read more about Hibox

    $6 Per Month
    14 Days
    12% in Task Management Software
  • Claritask

    Those who work better together, stay together.
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    Claritask is a project & task management software that offers time tracking, chat, reports, and more. It's best suitable for fast paced teams who work on long term projects. Redefining project management by offering team members a faster way to complete their tasks in a clutter free environment. Reliable and secure, Claritask makes it easy for team leaders to organize projects and delegate tasks ... read more about Claritask

    Free version
    33% in Task Management Software
  • GQueues

    Stay organized. Get more done.
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    GQueues is the premier task manager for Google and G Suite users. GQueues tracks millions of tasks for people, companies and organizations worldwide. Seamless integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive and Contacts helps you increase productivity with less stress. Using GQueues is a great way to manage tasks in your personal life, but it can also help your business, non-profit or school. ... read more about GQueues

    Free version
    100% in Task Management Software
  • smartQ

    The visual task board that fits any workflow
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    smartQ — the visual task board that fits any workflow! It allows you to easily distribute work, track its progress and collaborate with your team online. smartQ can track tasks, issues, tickets - it is customizable to fit any workflow. It allows you to easily distribute work, track its progress and collaborate with your team online. smartQ can track tasks, issues, tickets - it is customizable to ... read more about smartQ

    $5 Per Month
    30 Days
    33% in Task Management Software
  • Checkvist

    Outline. Organize. Simplify.
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    Checkvist is a web tool for creating online outlines, hierarchical task lists, collecting and structuring all kinds of information. It has an outstanding keyboard support so you can easily re-structure your lists, filter, hoist and beef them up with tags, due dates with reminders, links, or attachments. Collaboration, Markdown, code highlighting, import and export (OPML, text) make Checkvist an id ... read more about Checkvist

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    50% in Task Management Software

    Your busy life deserves this.
    Visit website is building a task completion platform. provides solution that helps businesses of all sizes schedule tasks, track progress and more. is all-in-one app to manage your life including calendar, tasks, lists, reminders and a smart assistant that can take care of your tasks for you. is always in-sync across all your devices. ... read more about

    Free version
    100% in Task Management Software
  • 4myRollout

    Take control of project implementation at every location
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    4myRollout helps hotel, restaurant, and retail brands remain consistent. When you have a new initiative that requires each location to complete a series of tasks, 4myRollout provides all stakeholders a straightforward approach to stay on track. Location leaders have a single place to know what needs to be done and when. PMs can easily assign, edit, or add tasks to locations throughout the project ... read more about 4myRollout

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    50% in Task Management Software
  • Planview AgilePlace

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    Planview has one mission: to build the future of connected work, from ideas to impact. Planview helps organizations accelerate the achievement of what matters most, supporting our customers from need to speed, from passion to progress, and from overhead to optimization. Our connected platform of solutions underpins the business and digital transformations of more than 4,500 customers globally, inc ... read more about Planview AgilePlace

    $20 Per Month
    30 Days
    25% in Task Management Software
  • Smart Admin

    Truly Smart One Stop Solution for Project Tracking - Time sheet - Payroll - Invoice
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    Smart Admin has quite a few distinct features in comparison with similar products in the industry. The flexible configuration of its features and adaptability to multiple organizational cultures makes it in the prime category. The low-cost entry assures further guarantee for value for money in addition to the subscription model where capital will not be blocked in the heavy purchases. Further, a ... read more about Smart Admin

    $29 Per Year
    15 Days
    20% in Task Management Software
  • Bonsai

    Everything you need to run your freelance business.
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    The global operating system for freelance labor. Backed by Y Combinator, Matrix Partners, and Index Ventures. Bonsai’s all-in-one product suite with smart automation lets you focus on your passion, not your paperwork. It's integrated and automated design empowers you to seamlessly run your business like a pro - from proposal to tax season. ... read more about Bonsai

    $17 Per Month
    7 Days
    11% in Task Management Software
  • Marvin

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    Marvin incorporates principles from behavioral psychology to help you beat procrastination, feel in control, and finish your to-do list. It is the most feature-rich and customizable personal to-do app on the market today. And we always go the extra mile to help you feel more organized and productive. ... read more about Marvin

    $8 Per Month
    30 Days
    50% in Task Management Software
  • Workslam

    Online platform for team management and employee recognition, a project management system and a CRM.
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    Workslam is an innovative platform for team management and employee recognition, a project management system and a CRM. Interact with the team, manage projects and tasks, control, reward, plan and make the workflow better. For full-fledged business automation, you do not need additional programs and integrations, it only takes 10 minutes to start. An easy way to make your business better! All inc ... read more about Workslam

    Free version
    18% in Task Management Software
  • Sugester

    More than CRM and Helpdesk
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    Stop losing customers due to long response times. Sugester helps you collect and sort through incoming messages, assign team members to deal with each question and monitor their resolution. Providing stellar customer support has never been so simple. Cut down on helpdesk costs by helping your customers help themselves. Sugester makes it easy to share how-to's, FAQs and solutions to common problems ... read more about Sugester

    $9 Per Month
    30 Days
    7% in Task Management Software
  • TaskEye

    Field Employee Monitoring Software.
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    TaskEye, the best task management system which is the best part to enhance your company environment and productivity than ever. Actually, work productivity is the key to success in any business. TaskEye gives the opportunity to access task and a to-do list at any time, from anywhere. In short, it becomes your task manager and helps to manage work in real-time. Task management software includes pro ... read more about TaskEye

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Buyer’s Guide

Introduction to Task Management Buyer's Guide

The buyer’s guide to task management software is intended to provide profound understanding and knowledge to the users regarding managing, sharing, and tracking project tasks. Businesses today have the facility to automate processes that are concerned with making, allocating, prioritizing, and monitoring the tasks and functions of the project with an efficient task management tool. This process helps in enhancing the efficiency of the team and allows the members of the company to complete the projects on time.     

In this buyer's guide on the task management system, you will get accustomed to the features and importance of task management software. The guide helps you in focusing on the critical points that should be considered before buying the task management software for your business. 

What is task management?

Task Management is the practice that helps in managing the entire lifecycle of the task, which includes the process of task creation, planning, tracking, assignment, reporting, and execution. The team leader tracks the job throughout its life cycle and, based on the progress, makes the decisions. The management can analyze the overall efficiency of an individual, department, and organization with the help of the reports. The task management process makes use of software tools to carry out its process efficiently and smoothly.

What are the different approaches to task management?

The task management system is approached in various ways by different types of companies. The different kinds of approaches to task management are created to help different types of teams like marketing, software development, or business development. You can make use of the below-mentioned approaches to task management to meet the requirements of your organization:

  • Agile – It serves as an iterative approach that allows teams to ship faster and more often. The customer gets the value sooner through quick deployments. In less time, the teams can complete more tasks. The tasks are always up-to-date in this type of approach, so there is less wastage of resources.
  • Waterfall – It is also known as a phased approach and is apt for smaller organizations that have well-defined projects. This type of approach breaks down the project into distinct and sequential phases. At the enterprise level, you can evaluate the strategies with this type of plan as it believes in providing a solid foundation of project-level data. 
  • Scrum- This approach is based on the agile framework that helps in preventing delays in the product launch. It focuses on team collaboration and saves a lot of time and money for the company. The scrum master facilitates the scrum sessions (sprints), and these sessions occur within the time frame of 1-3 weeks.   
  • Kanban- Kanban approach organizes tasks and keeps track of it. This approach serves as a useful tool that helps in identifying bottlenecks. It delivers quicker results and believes in offering a transparent view of the status of the task. 
  • Lean – This type of approach focuses on the theme of efficiency. Lean addresses the three (3Ms) dysfunctions that create waste- Muda, which is about eradicating trash, Mura, which eliminates variations, and Muri that removes overload. It is a helpful approach at the time of reviewing the project delivery process.

“The task of management is to make people capable of joint performance, to make their strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant.”

By Peter Drucker

Why is the task management system critical?

The Task Management system is a system that enables an organization to complete its task on time with less wastage and a better outcome. Have a look at the following reasons:

  • Task management solutions allow you to organize, allocate, and prioritize tasks. 
  • You can set up objectives and milestones collectively to deal with deadlines by employing a task management system.
  • Task management allows you to split up the problematic tasks into small deliverables, which you can administer with minor difficulty. 
  • The owners or managers can identify who among their teams are performing the best with the help of the task management solution. 
  • Every member of the team gets the complete picture of the operations or the project of the company. Concerning the company’s goals and objectives, the team gets a better understanding of everyone’s work.

What is task management software?

Task management software is a tool that allows team members and team leaders to track the task all through its lifecycle. This process facilitates team members to make decisions based on progress. The task management tool makes use of many functions like task creation, task planning, task assignment, task tracking, and task reporting to organize and manage tasks effectively. 

What are the essential features of task management software?

The task management app should have the following features, which, in turn, help in enhancing the efficiency and improving the productivity of the organization:

  • Task Planning – The online task management software allows you to plan your tasks so that there can be a smooth execution of the functions. You can divide the work into stages through a structured approach based on the budget, resources, scope, and timeline. The best task management software allows you to break down your work into more straightforward tasks that can be managed effortlessly. As per the requirement, you can organize and prioritize your tasks.
  • Task Assignment- After planning the tasks, the online task management tools delegate the tasks to different team members. Anyone can divide a project or assign a job from their home screen; there is no need to wait for the admin to set up the tasks for the team. In your system, all users should be able to assign tasks to one another by using a personal task management app.
  • Task prioritization- The task tracking software should be able to rank tasks in importance. Prioritizing tasks can help with procrastination. There are big things on the to-do list, so task prioritization helps decide what studies must be done at the earliest. It allows managers to determine their priorities.
  • Centrally-controlled security permission- The administrator can centrally control the security permission with the help of the best task management tool. The company can keep the client information guardedly due to security permissions. The administrator can avoid conflict of interest at a team or project level.
  • Track Status – The task tracker feature in the task management software allows you to keep track of the status of each task, which in turn helps identify the bottlenecks. There are many tasks on the board, and without the feature of tracking status, it’s tough to manage all the tasks efficiently.
  • Notifications- The task planning software should be able to notify you whenever there is a need for your action. The information can be sent on the mobile app as it is handy, and you can easily access it anywhere. Some free task management software has the facility of ready-made email templates that notifies of important information. 
  • Reporting and Analyzing- The team task management application should be able to report on the task progress to avoid deadlines and make the task management more efficient and well–organized. The task management software should be able to analyze the performance of each employee from the gathered data, ultimately resulting in recuperating the team’s overall efficiency.  
  • Integrations- The task management app should be able to work with other integrations to make your organization more productive. You cannot make use of task management solutions to their full potential without the support of other services. You can choose the best task management software that fits your team’s needs appropriately.

The other essential features that should be considered in the online task management software are:

  • Task editing and updating- The task can be edited based on the resources. 
  • Task tagging - The labels and tags are created to organize and categorize tasks and sub-tasks. You can add context and can collect assignment-related information. 
  • Time tracking- Based on the assigned tasks, the task management tool can track collective time spent by all the stakeholders.
  • Make sub-tasks- At a micro level, you can split tasks into smaller, actionable sub-tasks to carry out and manage tasks. 
  • Recurring task management- This functionality prevents businesses from rescheduling redundant work. 
  • Task Progress tracking- Throughout the lifecycle, the task progress is tracked. It monitors the key performance indicators.
  • Chat Systems- The inbuilt chat systems in the online task management tools allow users to communicate with other team members. 
  • File Management- The files and documents can be managed quickly and assigned to the required tasks with the task management app. 
  • Calendar- The task-tracking software can easily sync your calendar with important dates and deadlines for the project.
  • Collaboration – The task planning software should be able to handle team collaboration. It should be able to share the vital document in time and with ease.

Why do businesses need task management solutions?

The task management app provides valuable benefits that help in completing all the phases of your projects. Businesses need task management software due to the following reasons:

  • Improves teamwork – The team task management system centralizes activity and information in one place. The team members get encouraged by the input of their colleagues on specific tasks, which in turn helps increase productivity. Throughout the team, it allows for increasing the level of collaboration as shared ideas can be accessed at any time. 
  • Improve Productivity and Increase Efficiency – The online task management tools take care of the daily tasks so the team members can get more time to accomplish the other types of crucial business-related work, which helps in improving productivity. Due to productivity improvement, there will be increased efficiency. You can have time to focus on increasing sales or can even attract new clients.
  • Centralize Activity- The task tracking software allows the team members to monitor all client activity throughout the team. It eliminates the tedious requirement for multiple passwords and accounts and integrates all events in one place. The task tracker enhances the efficiency of the work, which is carried out daily, by removing the risk of information being deleted or lost.
  • Track time requirements- The task tracking software records and monitors each employee’s time. It checks the efficiency of the team members working in the team and tracks the time-specific tasks that are dealt with in the client’s project. The team is likelier to adopt the built-in time-tracking feature as they don’t have to download any other apps. This feature also helps in sharing the workload of the team members.
  • Assists remote working – The task planning software allows teams to become more flexible by providing a remote working facility. This application offers indispensable abilities like collaboration, communication, budget tracking, time tracking, delegation, and file sharing to remote teams. 
  • Reliable and Secure – The team task management application provides restricted project access. All the information is shared with the authorized person, so this system helps prevent data hacking and criminal offense. Businesses can rely on the task management app as all the information on the project is shared with the person working on it and the manager. 
  • Team Collaboration – The online task management software allows multiple users to share everything from updates to timelines and documents while working on the project. The employees must collaborate on the projects so that tasks get completed on time and without errors. The task management system brings collaboration among team members.
  • Share Calendar and Event Scheduling- The best task management software includes a shared calendar feature. The team calendar helps the team and its members to schedule meetings and other collective events with their customers and business partners. It enables booking resources along with automated meeting schedules.
  • Reporting and real-time outline of the team’s work- The task management tool helps create task reports with the help of reporting tools. It helps in collecting the previously inserted work data. These reports tell you about the completed work and the team members’ performance. KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard displays the essential metrics and graphs that help view the teamwork progress.

Other benefits of task management software:

  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • Optimizes decision making
  • Facilitates better communication between the team and the clients
  • Document Sharing
  • Monitoring
  • Internal and external communication
  • Budget Management
  • Collaborate on Projects
  • Make task delegation easy
  • Distribute Workload
  • Notify team members about overdue tasks
  • Automate recurring tasks creation
  • Provide visible HITs (High Impact Tasks)
  • Add subtasks to more significant tasks
  • Creates separate workspace for each group

How to organize and prioritize your tasks using task management software?

You can organize and prioritize your task with the help of a task management tool in the following ways:

  • List the tasks- Create a list of the functions you must perform. You can make a list based on your priorities. Pull together what you think should be done in a day, this week, or fortnight.
  • Classify the task based on importance and urgency- You can identify the assignment based on significance and need. Scan your list of functions to know if any charges require immediate attention. If any job involves urgency, you have to complete it ASAP so that you don’t have to face any severe consequences.
  • Meet the criteria of the tasks- You can qualify the jobs which highly depend on your organization. If the job impacts many people, it should be taken as a high priority. 
  • Order tasks by estimated effort- You should evaluate the job based on the duration it takes. Some jobs require minutes to complete; others require hours or days. Ensure the functions that take longer to complete should be considered first. 
  • Cut the unnecessary chore – Whatever task you have prioritized in the list, make sure you complete it, and you can cut the remaining job, which is not essential, or add it to your task backlog. The crucial tasks are needed to be focused on a priority basis. You can get back to your task backlog at your convenience.

If you have plenty of tasks list, you can prioritize the tasks to manage your tasks without any chaos. The two main types of priorities based on which you can prioritize your job are:

  • Time-based priorities include the functions that must be completed before the set end date. It can fall under the past due date, today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year, or later.
  • Urgency-based priorities cover urgent (critical), high, medium (standard), or low. These types of priorities help you in reaching a goal.

How to use online task management software to increase employee productivity?

Task management software can boost employee productivity, which helps create a more productive work environment. The ways to increase employee productivity:

  • Keep the team answerable and well-versed – The task management solutions assign tasks to individuals and set deadlines. Everyone can make out what is to be done and be held responsible for it. 
  • Delegate work effectively – The task tracking software can effortlessly delegate the work to multiple team members on one project and assign different due dates. The team’s performance can be high if its position is well-managed. 
  • Track growth and avoid obstruction- The task tracker lets you observe your team’s productivity. In one place, you can track the progress of individual team members along with the projects. To have maximum productivity, you can assign tasks by having a good overview of everyone’s workload along with the project timelines with the help of task management software.
  • Schedule and assign tasks in the calendar- You can plan projects and events along with actionable jobs set in the calendar with the help of a task management tool. In this way, all the employees know their roles and can see their deadlines for the project. 
  • Easy employee onboarding- Integrating the task management system into the company’s onboarding allows managers to create or upload training courses and materials cheaply. These training courses are then distributed to the employees’ smartphones and are used to test for job readiness. The executives using task management applications can set their employees up for success.
  • Effortless employee communication – Online task management tools make staff communication smoother, ultimately improving productivity. The managers can easily share the information with the entire team. The staff members can collaborate effectively, which can soar employee productivity.

The best task manager provides valuable tools that help employees succeed through communication, onboarding, feedback, and monitoring.  

What are the latest trends in task management software?

The latest trends in the task management system are:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation- In task management solutions, AI and automation have an impact on daily tasks. Simple tasks can be automated and can obtain performance insights.
  • Widespread Agile Project Management- It increases efficiency, improves marketability, and reduces risks by allowing more flexible and consumer-driven control of projects. You will find that this system is becoming more and more frequently used and integrated into other methodologies.
  • Increasing Business Value of “Soft Skills”- Soft skills are essential in a team task management system. The family of social skills includes emotional intelligence and expertise in coordination, teaching, and negotiating, which are becoming necessary in many fields of work.
  • Cybersecurity- With cybersecurity functionality, you can secure your task management methodologies and strategies from an online threat. Cybersecurity can acquire data by serving as a highly protected firewall.
  • IoT (Internet of Things)- From data collection to team collaboration, the IoT bisects with task management strategy. The manual intervention can be reduced with the involvement of IoT in a task management system, as all the tasks can be managed automatically.
  • Remote teams- The task manager is proceeding with the investment of a remote team system that helps promote effective communication over the full range of platforms. If the remote teams are managed effectively with the proper set of management tools, then it turns out to be more productive.
  • Data and Analytics- In the near future, task management analytic tools will be more of a cloud-based structure. It will help collect real-time data and reflect the results more precisely. 
  • Project Managers in Demand- Task managers are becoming famous due to increasing pressure to innovate, adapt to change, and achieve strategic growth, which helps drive change, deliver innovation, and implement strategic initiatives.

The other emerging styles which can be observed in task management systems are:

  • Open-ended results can deliver better benefits
  • Hybrid Approach
  • PMO (Project Management Office)
  • Kanban Boards
  • Lifelong learning
  • Targeted Innovation
  • Data-driven Presentation 
  • Enterprise Integration and Coordination
  • Risk Analytics
  • Enhanced Reporting and Data
  • Cross-Company Collaboration 
  • Flexible Workflows
  • More collaborative workspaces
  • Advances in Timekeeping and resource management
  • Real-Time Data
  • Predictions and Simulations
  • Upskilling and certification

How to choose the right task management software?

In an organization, every team and project is different, so there are no fixed criteria to pick the right task management software for your business. You can follow the below-mentioned following points to make the appropriate decision:

  • Ease of use – The simple task management app can be operated efficiently due to its simpler features and interfaces. The Task management teams can work efficiently with a simple interface that combines powerful features. The task management tool can be customized as per the requirements.
  • Find out your must-have features – Make sure that your task tracking software has the essential elements of theproject management systemalong with othersoftware integrations. You can survey your team leads to find out which task management system would be valuable to your business needs.
  • Available Budget and Cost –Be clear about the requirements along with the available budget, which you can spend in buying a task tracker system. It is crucial to consider the cost of the task management software and think about whether you are getting the value for your money. 
  • Data Security- Prefer the well-developed and highly secure task management system so that you can keep your project works safe from hackers. Make sure that your task management software, along with task data security, is handled with proper care by a vendor.
  • Collaboration – The online task management software should be able to provide an environment for the employees where they can collaborate better. With collaboration, teamwork can be encouraged and motivates the team to complete the task timely.
  • Cloud-based – The majority of businesses are using a cloud-based task management system so that team members get the central workspace, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. You can have reliable access and low-maintenance technology with a cloud-based system. It is a cost-efficient way that will help you in saving your precious money.
  • Integration with other tools- You should evaluate different types of devices that integrate well with your task management system. Decide why, how, what level (tight or loose) of integration you are expecting with your task management tool.
  • Dashboards- The clients can remain updated on project status with the help of a team dashboard. The stakeholders and sponsors can have details from the graphs, charts, visual metrics, and key performance indicators (KPI) displayed on the dashboard.
  • Scheduling and Planning –. With a list of tasks on a spreadsheet, you can manage small projects. In large projects, you can visualize your timeline and know how the various deadlines and dependencies can impact each other in the project with the help of Gantt chart functionality. It helps you in visualizing the task list and project schedule.
  • Check out the software reviews- You can compare the online task management software reviews to know about the best task management software. With the help of reliable reports, you can compare the functionalities of different types of task management tools available in the market. If you are into small businesses and have low budget costs, then the reviews can help you in finding out the best free task management software for your business. 

What is the average cost of task management software?

Two main factors decide the cost of task management software- the first is the business size, and the other is the need for its operations. The cost of the task management software for small businesses is more reasonably priced as the core functionalities that a team would require mostly come in the basic plan of every task management system. On the other hand, large organizations prefer advanced strategies so that they can carry out their task management activities with more powerful features. 

The cost of the online task management tools can start as low as $2.99/year (for example nTask) and can reach as high as $995/year approximately (for example JungleBell for SharePoint). If you are associated with small and start-up businesses, then you can try open-source and free task management software.  

Why refer to GoodFirms’ list of top task management software?

GoodFirms carry out ethical research based on the latest market trends. This platform is growing steadily, listing a broad range of categories and authentic user reviews. Explore GoodFirms’ coverage to know the list of best task management software that serves your small business efficiently.  

The list of best task management software will provide profound insights into the top-notch task management software available in the market. Before finalizing the best task management software for your business, look at the top task management software list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs Task Management Systems?

Large companies have numerous projects and tasks, while smaller companies need to manage fewer of these tasks or functions more efficiently; so, no business can avoid an efficient and flawless task management system. Using automation tools to execute various tasks helps streamline complex processes and better control your business operations. A transition to software-based project task management tools may initially cost a bit, but leveraging the right tools proves profitable in the long run.

What Does a Task Management Software Do?

Software-based task management enables task creation, visualization, delegation, and prioritizing. It provides various tools for setting deadlines, tracking status, resource allocation, task scheduling, managing dependencies, and sending notifications. It enables users to track task progress and get valuable insights.

The online task management software offers a communication and collaboration platform for interacting with team members, clients, vendors, and other stakeholders. Managers can use personal task management software to automate their to-do lists, notifications, and reminders. An efficient task management system helps you streamline task management, optimize resource utilization, and maximize productivity.

How Do Companies Benefit From Task Management Tools?

Task management software enables users to accomplish their tasks quickly and productively. It facilitates the complete view of all your tasks under one frame. From task planning, prioritizing urgent tasks, progressing effectively in collaboration with other team members, reducing the time consumed in searching documents, and controlling functions from anywhere and anytime, all activities become quick and comfortable with project task management tools. The top benefits of task management system software are:

  • Manage all tasks from one place.
  • Access data from anywhere, anytime
  • Simplify task prioritization
  • Easy task delegation
  • Improve team collaboration and communication
  • Better workload distribution
  • Convenient remote working
  • Time tracking
  • Automation of recurrent tasks and follow-ups
  • Enhance supervision
  • Boost in efficiency and productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Reporting and real-time monitoring of tasks
  • Notifications and reminders for status and deadlines
What Are the Features to Look for in Task Management Software?

The core features you must look for while choosing task management systems are:

  • Collaboration tools
  • Document management
  • Progress tracking
  • Project budgeting
  • Project planning
  • Project scheduling
  • Task allocation and management
  • Team collaboration
  • Team chat
  • Time tracking
  • File sharing
  • Database creation
  • Productivity tracking
  • Analytics and Reporting
What Are the Factors That Influence the Pricing of Task Management Systems?

The cost of task management software depends on various factors, the most prominent being:

  • Features it offers
  • Number of users
  • Number of active projects
  • Quality of customer support
  • Deployment type
What Is the Cost of Task Management Software?

You can get reliable task management solutions in a price range of $4 to $9 per month; for example, TaskBlast costs $4 per month (billed annually), and Orangescrum costs $8 per month. Software solutions that offer comprehensive features and allow unlimited projects and users cost a bit higher; for example, Basecamp costs $99 per month.

What Hidden Costs Should One Look for in Task Management Solutions?

The top task management software providers are generally transparent about the pricing, but it is advisable to check with the vendor about hidden costs associated with task management tools. These may include:

  • Customization based on your needs
  • Installation charges and data migration
  • System upgrades and maintenance
  • Customer support
Are There Any Free Task Management Software Solutions Available?

Multiple free task management tools are available in the market for businesses with budget limitations. Many software vendors also offer free software versions apart from paid plans, for example, TaskQue. These cover the essential task management features to get you started. Please refer to our blog on the best free and open-source task management software that lists numerous free task management tools.

Are Task Management Tools Secure?

Security is the prime concern for all businesses. Project task management software earns trust and popularity if it offers robust, multi-layer security features. Thus, checking the software reviews, ratings, and other users’ feedback is crucial. Also, discuss the security features for data access, sharing, storage, encryption, and vulnerability scanning with the software vendor before choosing one.

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