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7 Best Free and Open Source Project Management Software Solutions

7 Best Free and Open Source Project Management Software Solutions

At the most fundamental, effective project management is about getting work done at the right time and in the right way. If you wish to prepare for the future, you need to shift from the best practices to the next practices – In the sense, you need to develop the potential to continually innovate, evolve and work without any wastage of time, resource and money. Employing proven project management software systems can lead to greater organizational success.

Advantages of a Project Management System

One of the major differences between a successful project and a failed project is the project management abilities. Project management leads to better alignment of projects within your business strategy. Organizations can easily identify a hike in ROI, and budget performance with some of the best project management software systems.

Stop consuming resources,

Stop working with no measurable returns,

Adopt a robust project management software system.

Why should you advocate a Systematic Process?

We have been noticing the evolution of project management software systems from the day when Harmonogram was introduced back in 1896 as the first project management software in the form of a floating chart, to what it is today as Gantt charts, scheduling and work breakdown structure. We see several project management tools adopting new techniques and metrics focusing on the returns on investment and value.

Whatever the progress, the intention purely is to create harmonious teams that can work on practical scheduling with compatible and measurable means of production. Such a systematic process can help you channel creative output within your time and budget.

Studies claim that companies adopting project management software see productivity increases of up to 400%.

Let us take a simple example of a digital marketing manager’s assignments for a specific period.

Simultaneously, this person has to manage different projects and teams to get the end result and it is all time-based assignments.

Have a look at the image;

project management system

It is going to be more challenging for this person to manually track each and every project; identify the issues; understand the deadline. Management gets easier if there is a system to help the process in a more structured way. An efficient project management system can change the way this person can operate.

There are different types of project management systems that include the desktop version, the web version, cloud-based, mobile, single user, collaborative, personal and many more. Mobile and Cloud-based project management software systems are gaining the most popularity.

Is Effective project management a key to implement an organizations’ strategy?

Organizations are struggling to successfully achieve project goals and accomplish business results through projects. A good project management practice can definitely lead to greater success of an organization.

In this era, for any business simply planning projects and tracking the progress is not sufficient. It requires one to work based on some advanced data analytics and upper management tactics to manage any type of projects. In short, it rounds up that all strategic change in any organization happens through projects and programs and proven project management practices are crucial to an organization’s success.

You must be familiar with the well-known game-changers like Airbnb, which is a hotel company that owns no hotel; or Uber, which is a car hiring company that owns no cars. Organizations like these realize the benefits of improving the customer experience, enhancing employee efficiency, and shortening project timelines. These companies have been adopting systems to change the way they operate—and the way they manage projects.

Project management software comes with capabilities that foster new ways of working.

project management system

How to Choose the Right Project Management Software?

A free project management software solution might be ideal for an organization with a small team which does not demand any premium features.

But, if your team is huge, paid project management software could be the best option as this comes packed with advanced features and facilities.

Alternatively, both small and big teams can get the access point to the free trial plan offered by commercial project management software. They are termed as Freemium which offers the basic version for free for a certain period and for limited users. You can use them till their free period and if you find the need to upgrade, you can get that by paying for the higher version.

Open Source project management software solutions has its own advantage. The software is open for anyone to make changes. This creates room for constant enhancement to the tool. Many of the open source project management software are free to download.

Few project management software systems even offer an unlimited free trial period.

Although the free and open source project management software mentioned in this article is undoubtedly valuable, we would also suggest you go through the most popular project management tool, Backlog, the details of which are as given below-


Backlog is one of the most popular project management software that helps eliminate the communication gap within your team members and helps them manage their tasks seamlessly without any confusion. Whether it is about fixing bugs in coding or completing a task within a specific time frame, Backlog can be of great use as it keeps your developers, designers, managers, and clients on the same page. It maintains extreme transparency when it comes to viewing the progress of the projects running within your organization. With this project management software's help, you can ensure that the errors are minimized and productivity maximized, making your organization an ideal workplace. Moreover, as it is available in iOS and Android apps, you can even manage your projects on the go, keeping your team updated even with the last minute changes. 

(Image Source: Backlog)

Key Features

  • Allows planning and visualizing high-level view of your projects using Gantt Charts
  • Helps in tracking every single step of the project and ensure smooth and organized workflows
  • Enables you to keep control over task management using task hierarchy methods
  • Allows creating a centralized repository of all the files enabling team members to have access to important information on their fingertips
  • Sends notifications and reminders to the team members whenever something requires their attention
  • Includes high-end security features that restrict access to the information based on IP and the role of the user within the organization
  • Allows importing data from external applications like Jira and Redmine

Backlog offers different pricing packages with a free version too. Depending on the features you require, you can select the subscription package of your choice. The best thing is that it offers a 30-days free trial period so that you can test all its features before you make a purchase decision.                                                               

Now, let us move to the free and open source project management tools. Below is the list of 7 best free and open source project management software systems.  The article further will guide you through some of the finest project management software systems that can help you manage your task well on scheduled time.

free open source project management software list


Taskjuggler is a free and open source project management software system capable of handling professional projects. The tool is designed to help you to be productive easily and efficiently and effortlessly.

TaskJuggler project management

                                                                             (Image Source: TaskJuggler)

Key Highlights:

  • Easily installable on all leading operating systems
  • The system lets you plan, collaborate, achieve goals and succeed systematically
  • Support for Multiple time-zones
  • Error-free handling of cost and cost calculation
  • Allows users to manage tasks and resources of the project
  • Intuitive editor to edit your task
  • Powerful to-do list management
  • Detailed reference manual
  • Simple installation
  • Runs on several operating systems
  • Full integration with Vim text editor

When it comes to task management, it is quite natural to lose track of the complex tasks at some point or the other during the entire project phase. A well-designed software tool can help you stick to your task and meet the timeline without any friction. Written in Ruby, TaskJuggler is easy to install free and open source project management system.

The TaskJuggler project management tool includes a set of libraries and command line tools. The software is capable of planning your individual tasks automatically and resolves conflicting situations too. You can define the timeline, and add any breaks in the Gantt diagram. It is easy to assign resources and budget them too.

TaskJuggler is a very powerful tool with a complete set of time, resource, and cost management features with customized reporting functions. You can visualize your project status based on time, cost, and resources. In short, the tool lets you describe your project and its component task easily and manage them on the scheduled time. 


Successfully complete any project by simply installing Freedcamp, the most powerful free and open source project management software system.

Freedcamp project management

                                                                                         (Image Source: Freedcamp)

Key Highlights:

  • Powerful dashboard
  • Smooth and responsive design
  • Easy navigate and switch between projects and apps via its Project picker feature
  • Sorting and organizing your projects are easy
  • Calendar sharing
  • Create, organize and visualize your tasks from one place
  • Time tracking functionality
  • Issue tracking functionality
  • Entertains social media communication right within the dashboard
  • Collaborate on the go
  • Integrate and link your projects directly with Zapier
  • Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more integrations on extending to premium plans

Freedcamp project management software is free forever with essential features for unlimited users, projects, task and storage.


ProjectLibre is an open source project management software system widely accepted as the real alternative to Microsoft Project. The software was mentioned recently by CIO magazine as, “The software is scalable from small business all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.” Recently, the software hit a major milestone by crossing 1,15,000 project managers around the world, surpassing 4,000,000 downloads in over 200 countries.

ProjectLibre project management

                                                                                  (Image Source: ProjectLibre)

Key Highlights:

  • Compatible with Microsoft Project
  • Import/Export capabilities
  • Gantt charts
  • Network diagrams
  • Work breakdown structure charts
  • Resource breakdown structure charts
  • Value costing
  • Resource histograms
  • Facility to set dependencies
  • Easily create a project baseline, define work and allot resources
  • Powerful reporting functionality

ProjectLibre project management

Having an enormous global reach, ProjectLibre is the preferred open source project management system. Written in Java language, the software is ideal for small to a big team and for simple to complex project management. ProjectLibre supports multiple languages. It has been translated into 21 languages. 

Benchmark your performance, quickly identify your efforts and issues, scale quickly, and employ a data-driven systemic approach to every project. Use ProjectLibre.


Widely accepted as one of the most flexible open source cloud-based & web-based project management software, Redmine is written using the Ruby on Rails framework. The software allows users to manage multiple projects and sub-projects simultaneously right within one single dashboard.

Redmine project management                                                                      (Image Source: Redmine)

Key Highlights

  • Effortless project management
  • Set workflow easily
  • Track issues and set targets
  • Document management system allows easy sharing
  • Instant collaboration with team members via messaging platform
  • Gantt charts
  • Calendar
  • Role-based access control
  • Time-tracking facility
  • Email notification
  • Supports multiple databases
  • Facility to create customized fields
  • Excellent customer support via forums and chart
  • Supports many free add-ons
  • Visualize the task and discuss it live

Redmine project management

Redmine is a free and open source project management software system for unlimited users, storage and time.  The software supports nearly 47 languages and is best for small to mid-sized educational and research organizations, and public sector companies that work on limited budget allocation.


Targetprocess is one of the most sought-after project management systems that allows its users to visually manage multiple and complex projects and sub-tasks. This systematic approach adapts well to your management approach allowing you to reduce clutter and manage issues easily.

Targetprocess project management                                                                                    (Image Source: Targetprocess)

Key Highlights:

  • Quickly plan, track and identify issues
  • Work using your custom process
  • Have all your work in one place
  • Communicate and collaborate with the team member right within the software
  • Create custom views
  • Customized graphical reports
  • Forecasts your performance
  • Clutterless visibility

Targetprocess project management

Targetprocess is a team-friendly software that allows you to work with high-level strategy and manage multiple projects simultaneously from one place. It enables organizations to scale agile bridging and reducing the gap between execution and planning.  Hosted in the cloud, the basic features are available for free for unlimited users.

Get started quickly with Targetprocess.

Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan is an ideal project management tool for small to larger groups. The software offers the best possible visual overview of each of your projects thereby offering the best possible workflow management. Managing a huge team gets easier with Toggl Plan project management system.

Toggl Plan project management software

                                                                        (Image Source: Toggl Plan)

Key Highlights:

  • One of the visually attractive features of Toggl Plan is the facility to add team timelines easily. Just add a member, segment them based on the work and add a timeline. Share timelines with the team easily.  
  • Click, drag and assign tasks easily
  • Make long-term plans
  • Easy to edit and add more tasks
  • Easy to tick items and keep track of the status
  • Flexible planning
  • Communicate the progress
  • Fits any fast-paced workflow
  • Does not demand a lot of input
  • Offers the best visual understanding of your project plans, deadlines and progress
  • Easy to share

Managing your team becomes much simple and easy with Toggl Plan project management software. The software is widely used by start-ups, mid-sized tech companies, construction companies, creative team, project managers of the design studios and by ad agencies that are in need of a simple and easy-to-use tool that would offer the flexibility to handle any number of projects effortlessly.

The software offers a 14-day free trial with any subscription.


OpenProject is the most popular open source project management software that comes with some of the best, and powerful project collaboration capabilities. The OpenProject Community software offers the power-packed basic features as free forever. It can support the team throughout the project lifecycle. The software is ideal for small and average-sized businesses.

OpenProject project management

OpenProject project management

                                                                                     (Image Source: OpenProject)

Features that come free with OpenProject Community include:

  • Task management
  • Time tracking
  • Team collaboration
  • Project planning
  • Gantt charts
  • Budgeting and reporting
  • Agile project management

In addition to the above capabilities, the software allows its users to take backlogs, use task boards, bug tracking and road mapping.

Key Highlights:

  • Create and visualize your project from one single dashboard
  • Communicate the roadmap effectively with your team member in real-time
  • Effortlessly define the project objectives, work and timeline.
  • Create a detailed plan of each of your project and structure them systematically
  • Easily organize and assign the task
  • Embed work packages easily
  • Structure workflow patterns intelligently with custom actions
  • Data is completely protected
  • Majority of the features are fully accessible
  • Quick issue tracking facility
  • Easy time tracking
  • Customize reports for accurate insight into project performance
  • Easy to navigate

OpenProject project management

In short, the free version of OpenProject project management system is capable of meeting the most basic organizational needs for managing tasks, time, budget and collaborating across the team. If your team requires advanced project management features, you can opt for the fully featured paid version of the software.

Microsoft Project, Wrike, Asana, Zoho Projects, FunctionFox are also the best project management software solutions that you can consider.


Studies confirm that nearly 9.9% of every dollar is wasted owing to poor project performance. Also, there is an indication that more than 50% of organizations are struggling to bridge the strategy-implementation gap.

Since the beginning of the digital age, every industry that we can think of has attempted to reinvent itself in some way or the other in order to stand relevant. Forward-looking organizations rise high and those who fail to adapt slowly sink. The way organizations manage work makes a lot of changes to the overall growth.

To successfully reach your strategic goals, you need to adopt game-changing project management software systems that can transform the way you sell, market, collaborate, innovate and conduct. It all rounds up to shortening your project timelines.

Make use of the best free and open source project management software systems listed above in this blog that lets you create a visual roadmap of your projects easily. In case you have already used any, then do share your reviews

If you wish to explore more, be sure to check out our all-inclusive list of the best project management software systems.  

Be the most efficient manager!

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