Organize anything, with anyone, from anywhere.

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About Airtable
Airtable is a database management solution designed for teams, organizations, and businesses of all sizes. Equipped with organization and collaboration functionalities and capabilities, Airtable serves as a very flexible and mobile-friendly database management solution.
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Organize anything, with anyone, from anywhere.
4.60/5 (5 Reviews)
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Core Features
Project Management Software Features
  • Idea Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Tracking
  • Reporting and Forecasting
  • Timesheets
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Collaboration
  • Document Management
  • Dashboard
  • Expense Tracking
  • Project Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Task Management
  • Workflow Management
2 Reviews
Client Reviews
Robin JenningsReviewed 11 months ago
Brillaint program
Role: Director at We Push Buttons
Reviewed 11 months ago by Robin Jennings
Role: Director at We Push Buttons
Brillaint program

Airtable is a complex Excel-style database that on initial inspection seems very plain. However its beauty lies in the fact it can be used in a multitude of ways. As a small digital marketing and web design agency we needed a project management platform that could cater for all our needs. Airtable was the only program after testing 20 others that could handle web development tasks, content calendars, marketing tasks, feedback from clients and asset management. Well worth test driving.

Azhar KhanReviewed on 30/4/19
MVP of our MVP
Role: UI Team Lead at Hubba
Reviewed on 30/4/19 by Azhar Khan
Role: UI Team Lead at Hubba
MVP of our MVP
Airtable has been a lifesaver for us as a small company that is rapidly prototyping upcoming features or growth strategies. Initially we were using it primarily as a CMS for our marketing and sales teams. It gave them easy access to various properties and information from our database and linked everything with it's own powerful database-like records. This allowed them to quickly create showcases for the best products on our app as well as made it really easy to filter and group by a variety of properties. This made prepping for customer calls and lookups during them significantly easier and doubled our daily outreach. After the success and adoption of Airtable on the marketing and sales teams, we cautiously started to use it as a prototyping tool on the engineering side. Airtable's API documentation (and live playground style scratchpads) made it very easy to implement within our codebase. We were able to use the database-like functionality as MVPs for user-facing features, allowing us to test out feature adoption without needing to create new models and APIs on our own end. This enabled us to pre-release Alpha versions of our features to a test group using feature flags while we refined the experience based on user feedback. Airtable has become an integral application within our company's toolchain and tech stack and we are very satisfied with everything that we've been able to accomplish through it. Highly recommended to anyone. Start with the basic functionality - such as possibly replacing a spreadsheet, and then explore the various templates and functionality to see how it fits your needs.
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