Predictive Dialer Software

Explore this list of the best predictive dialer software and select the one that can help you in improving the efficiency and productivity of your call center business.

Reaching out to customers, connecting with them, and increasing the customers’ expectations are the distinct challenges faced by the agents in any outbound call center. Predictive dialer is a technology that automates outbound dialing by reducing wait time and increasing talk time. Developed to support all types of businesses and industries, the best predictive dialer software can distribute calls to the right agents, thereby generating successful contacts.

What is Predictive Dialer Software?

Predictive dialer software is an outbound calling application used by call center agents to automate the dialing process. It helps dial a group of numbers until it detects a connection and then passes the call to an outbound agent free to attend the call. The predictive dialer software also provides information about busy numbers, no answers, voicemails, disconnected numbers, etc., allowing service agents to follow a proactive approach towards the outbound calling process and make the maximum usage of the phone numbers database. Moreover, the predictive dialer system ensures that outbound agents' time is being utilized efficiently to gain maximum productivity within the business organization.

By using the best predictive dialer software, you can -

  • Ensure that the outbound agents spend their time conversing with the customers & prospects and not on dialing numbers that might be busy or go unanswered
  • Save time and achieve productivity, as the agents are connected to the answered call as soon as they are free from their previous call

How To Find The Best Predictive Dialer Software?

The predictive dialer software is the backbone of the sales team and so needs to be picked carefully. We understand that with so many predictive dialer systems available, you might be in a dilemma about which one to choose for your specific business needs. For that reason, you can rely on the list of the best predictive software prepared by the software experts at GoodFirms. Using easy-to-use filters, you can effortlessly shortlist the predictive dialer system suitable to your business preferences and budget. Moreover, most of the listed software encloses the reviews of the original users. Finding the top predictive dialer software is easy with this listing.

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List of The Best Predictive Dialer System
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List of The Best Predictive Dialer System

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does a Predictive Dialer Software Work?

    Predictive dialer software is an application that connects the callers to only those calls that humans answer. The callers (call center agents) don't need to waste their time listening to answering machines, unanswered calls, busy signals, fax machines, or disconnected lines. The predictive dialer system makes calls to the numbers mentioned in its in-built database. As soon as a human voice answers the call, it connects that call to a call center agent and lets them start the conversation directly. Once the call center agents complete the call, the predictive dialing software automatically connects them with another call answered by a human voice. Thus, predictive dialing software saves agents' time spent trying to connect to unanswered/disconnected numbers and helps them communicate with more customers.

  • Who Can Benefit from a Predictive Dialer Software?

    The businesses highly depending on promotional phone calls for selling their products and services can benefit from a predictive dialer system. The predictive dialer software automates the dialing process and enables them to attend maximum leads resulting in enhanced productivity and increased sales and profits.

  • What Does a Predictive Dialer Software Do?

    Predictive Dialing

    Predictive dialing software uses algorithms to make outbound calls to the specific numbers listed in the database. When a human voice answers those outbound calls, the predictive dialing software automatically connects them to the agents. Before passing on an outbound call to an agent, the predictive dialing software filters out the numbers answered by an answering machine. This helps save the time of the call center agents and helps them execute effective customer service and other marketing strategies.

    Multiple Outbound Calling

    The predictive dialing software is designed to connect the call center agents with another answered call immediately after they finish the previous one. This helps the call center agents to call the maximum number of prospective customers and achieve their sales goals.

    Call Conferencing

    The predictive dialing software includes a call conferencing feature that allows the call center agents to add a third person in an ongoing call. This helps call center executives include their manager/supervisor in the conversation required to convince difficult sales leads.

    DND Management

    DND(Do Not Disturb) is a facility available to people which allows them to restrict them from receiving promotional calls. The predictive dialing software identifies the numbers registered for DND and skips them automatically while making outbound calls. This helps you in staying compliant with the Government rules and regulations.

    Rules-Based Outbound Calls

    The predictive dialing software allows the managers to set up certain rules based on the time-zone, geographical location, interests, and demographics. This helps in the segregation of the prospective customers and getting better results from the outbound calls for marketing products and services.

    Call Recording & Monitoring

    The predictive dialer software records the outbound calls and helps the managers & supervisors analyze the call center teams' performance effectiveness. This helps understand the system flaws, employees' incompetency, and offers scope to improve.

  • Why Should I Invest in a Predictive Dialer Software?

    The predictive dialer system has revolutionized the way call centers and marketing hubs work these days. Earlier, the call center agents' productive time was spent listening to several caller tunes and waiting for the calls to be attended because of the manual dialing process. The key to the success of marketing campaigns is to get maximum promotional calls done to prospective customers to help achieve sales targets and consistently grow the business. A predictive dialer software can help you to -

    • Assign calls to the agents intelligently
    • Monitor performance of the call center agents
    • Run promotional marketing campaigns effectively
    • Manage and organize client database
    • Ensure high-end productivity and control costs
  • How Should I Find the Best Predictive Dialer Software?

    Before purchasing the best predictive dialer software, it is important to evaluate its features, functionality, deployment, usability, scalability, and maintenance requirements. Besides that, price becomes one of the most important criteria to be considered while shopping for a predictive dialer system. The task of selecting the best one that can exactly fit your business requirements has been made easy for you by GoodFirms' experts. Here, you would find the list of the best predictive dialer software that you can consider for your business. Just go through the details and authentic users' reviews given here for each predictive dialing software and choose the one that is compatible with your business processes.

    We hope that this FAQ section has answered all your queries relating to predictive dialer software; in case of any more questions, just get in touch with us.