Collaboration Software

Collaboration Software

Discover the best Collaboration Software for your business, handpicked exclusively by GoodFirms.

It becomes challenging for businesses with an increasing workforce, multi-location offices, and remote teams to work on shared activities and projects, making it imperative to have a perfect online collaboration on a centralized platform. By leveraging the best collaboration software, the company can keep all the teams on the same page, working towards a common goal.

What Is Collaboration Software?

Collaboration software is a comprehensive set of tools that facilitate effective online collaboration with all the stakeholders of a business. It allows better communication, coordination, document sharing/editing, work delegation/assignment, one-to-one/group meetings, monitoring workflow, improved team building, and more. It acts as a perfect communication system to help team members collaborate/communicate flexibly from anywhere, even remotely, without any hassles and location constraints.

How Does Collaboration Software Benefit Businesses?

Collaboration systems offer numerous advantages to businesses. The prominent functions and benefits of top collaboration tools include:

  • Centralized platform for all the stakeholders
  • Better communication
  • Ease of multitasking
  • Document sharing and synchronous editing
  • Transparency
  • Time-saving
  • Improved engagement
  • Boost in productivity
  • Flexible working
  • Cost reduction
  • Enhanced security through role-based access controls

How to Choose the Best Collaboration Software for Your Business?

The right collaboration software for your business offers all the necessary features to improve your business workflow, is easy to use, has earned positive feedback from other users, and fits in your budget.

GoodFirms has analyzed various aspects of collaboration management, performed extensive research, and utilized its expertise to identify and curate the list of top collaboration software with their prominent features, verified reviews, and pricing information. To help you search better, we provide filters for business size, features, pricing model, deployment type, and more. Enhance team collaboration and productivity to upsurge your business profits by leveraging the best collaboration software from the carefully formulated list below.

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List of The Best Collaboration Tools

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List of The Best Collaboration Tools

  • FastViewer


    Your solution for online meetings & web conferencing

    Whether online meetings, interactive web conferencing or online training – FastViewer Instant Meeting is the solution for every kind of online collaboration. Discuss in web meetings as close as if you were sitting side by side – you can see and hear each other, and at the same time, you can collaborate and share documents. Work with up to 100 participants on new business strategies, balance b... read more about FastViewer

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    30 Days
  • MegaMeeting Video Conferencing

    MegaMeeting Video Conferencing

    Video Conferencing Solutions & Online Meeting Software

    MegaMeeting's video conferencing solution allows you to meet online. Video adds a personal touch to your online meetings. And screen sharing lets you show documents to your peers or troubleshoot a client's computer issue. Imagine you’re working on a proposal for your biggest prospect and require some input from your teammates. You can send your colleagues a meeting link, show your proposal on th... read more about MegaMeeting Video Conferencing

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    14 Days
  • Mezzanine


    High Performance Collaboration

    Meeting participants can share multiple streams of content, from multiple locations, all at the same time. Innovative and more effective ways of working become possible, because when teams can see more and share more, they can do more.Mezzanine collaboration solution helps amplify sales presentations and team work to extend your workspace.... read more about Mezzanine

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  • Wezen


    The multilingual CMS to conquer new markets

    Wezen provides Semantic Technologies that empower brands through the ownership of their semantic content. From copywriting to localization and publishing, it leverages textual contents from your CMS and PIM to help you edit, re-use, deploy, and monitor your content globally in a snap.... read more about Wezen

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  • Meeds


    A Blockchain-based solution to promote employee recognition & happiness at work.

    Meeds is an association of software vendors that provides its members with a powerful employee recognition software designed to empower and engage your team. Our members integrate the recognition engine into their existing software, resulting in a new gamified method to recognize their users’ contributions. Users can share updates, comment on each other's posts and articles, and recognize each ... read more about Meeds

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  • Moxtra


    Your OneStop Customer Portal

    Keep your customers engaged by delivering a one-stop digital experience. Moxtra powers one-stop customer portals, providing a private communication hub, for all of your external and internal users - under your brand. It delivers a continuous connected experience with an all-in-one suite of collaborative services. Moxtra's Platform can power your branded OneStop Portal as a standalone web and mobil... read more about Moxtra

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  • NetDocuments


    We meet teams where they work.

    Technology is meant to help your teams, not hinder them. That’s why NetDocuments document and email management, collaboration, and governance live in the applications they use every day like Outlook, Microsoft Office, and their browser. Lawyers, law firms, and legal teams struggle through manual inefficient systems of scattered folders with poor security and zero protection over files that are m... read more about NetDocuments

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  • Yammer


    Work Smarter, Work Together

    Revolutionize internal communications by bringing together all employees inside a private and secure enterprise social network. Connect with people across your organization to make better decisions, faster. Allows all employees to know whats happening day to day as well as build on the work of others. Employees will be able to create groups relevant to work and other interests, along with keeping ... read more about Yammer

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  • Safelink


    The secure platform for smart service delivery

    The secure platform for smart service delivery - Virtual Data Rooms - Legal Extranets - Secure File Sharing - Litigation Support - Electronic Bundling - Process Automation - Collaboration. •Communicate: Improve client relationships using rich online access to confidential data • Control: Guarantee segregation of client data, determine user permissions and access full audit reporting •C... read more about Safelink

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  • Wire


    The most secure collaboration platform

    Wire offers the most comprehensive collaboration suite featuring messenger, voice, video, conference calls, file-sharing, and external collaboration – all protected by the most secure end-to-end-encryption.... read more about Wire

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  • PortalsXpress


    Xtend your website with a secure login

    PortalsXpress allows you to share documents securely with your clients and field offices. Your clients view and edit documents under their portal, which is branded with your company's name and colors. Quickly share documents by printing with our direct-to-portal PDF printer driver. Just print from your favorite application, select a client and the document is available. PortalsXpress provides the ... read more about PortalsXpress

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  • Workspace 365

    Workspace 365

    Boost people, simplify work with an adaptive workspace

    Personalised applications, news, documents, social feeds and information based on your role. One log-in for all your applications (Web, Windows, Hosted, Citrix). All your documents from Office 365 and file servers in an easy to use overview, on any device. Workspace 365 contributes to a more productive and happier work-life, by breaking you free from IT restrictions an saving you hours of dealing ... read more about Workspace 365

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  • Colibo



    Colibo is a modern social intranet and collaboration platform for each and every employee in your company. Whether you work in IT, HR, Marketing, Communication, Sales, Finance or out there “in the field,” Colibo will contribute to improved knowledge sharing, productivity and employee experience. Colibo is creating value and success for our customers is our most important asset. The fact that w... read more about Colibo

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  • Kopano Collaboration Suite

    Kopano Collaboration Suite

    The best open source collaboration software for your business.

    Kopano offers an intuitive collaboration platform that pushes the limits of teamwork. By uniting various disruptive technologies into a single solution, Kopano allows people to communicate across roles, departments and organizations. Kopano software is 100% open-source and self-hosted, helping your teams reach their goals while at the same time keeping full control over their data privacy. It incl... read more about Kopano Collaboration Suite

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  • Beezy


    Your Intelligent Workplace

    Beezy is the Intelligent Workplace solution for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. By extending the Microsoft productivity stack, we unify the digital workplace and empower users to communicate, share and collaborate better, whether on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. Large customers such as Monster, ZF, Hilti and many more can now benefit from the full functionality of their i... read more about Beezy

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  • OneWindow Workplace

    OneWindow Workplace


    Combine technology and support, simplify how employees collaborate and communicate. Built with the latest Microsoft 365 capabilities and connected with long-term support from experts, OneWindow Workplace rapidly moves employees to the cloud and retains their engagement. OneWindow takes your standard Office 365 deployment and makes it specific to your industry and organization while removing the co... read more about OneWindow Workplace

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  • Oak


    Connect your teams. Engage your people. Work better as one.

    A digital workplace for enterprises that need to communicate with their workforce wherever they are, we make it possible to connect, engage and collaborate from any device. Our Digital Workplace is designed to get the most out of your team. Oak is intuitive and easy to use, and with a variety of features focussed specifically on promoting staff engagement, keeping your people involved for longer a... read more about Oak

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  • wescale


    Digitize your business processes now.

    Connect your employees, suppliers and partners across all processes in a global network. Integrate all purchasing applications centrally on a platform and create an environment in which not only your employees but also relevant applications can access and exchange shared data in a transparent way. wescale is an open business integration platform that supports firms to master the digital transforma... read more about wescale

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  • Webjam


    your unique private social network

    Your unique private social network. For your organisation, customers and their customers. Where secure collaboration and communities drive results. Webjam is a provider of enterprise social networking software, which brings you, your customers, members and supporters closer together. It also equips your teams to find and share knowledge and expertise - working together to achieve more. Webjam is ... read more about Webjam

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  • TeamWox


    Effective business process management

    TeamWox is a highly efficient and easy-to-install multi-functional enterprise management system. Within a single information environment of TeamWox, you can optimize the effectiveness of your company, make business processes more transparent, and speed up the management decision-making process. TeamWox is an analogue software as any Customer Relationship Management software is, although it provide... read more about TeamWox

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  • Drag


    A better way to control teamwork.

    Stop switching between tools! Most things start as emails and quickly spread across lots of tools. Teams that switch to Drag are happier when everything is together - in your inbox. Drag is the Shared Inbox for G Suite users. You can turn Gmail into your Team's Workspace to support customers, manage tasks and close deals, right from Gmail. Bring your team together and control teamwork in one simpl... read more about Drag

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  • Polymail


    Modern email that works for you

    Polymail is a new email platform that keeps you on top of your most important communications. Say goodbye to email clutter and hello to organized communication. Polymail provides you the tools to save time and peace of mind. Save time and work more efficiently with tools for everyday email productivity like email tracking, contact insights, and follow up reminders. Let Polymail do your team's busy... read more about Polymail

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  • Spike


    Your entire workflow, in your Inbox

    Stop switching between Email, Chats, Notes, Tasks, Calendar and Video Calls—get it all in one powerful Inbox. Meet Spike, the world’s first conversational email. We’re upgrading the way you work, saving you and your team time, sanity, and a lot of headaches. Spike bring all of your communication -- your emails, chats, calls, team collaborations, tasks, voice notes, everything -- to one place... read more about Spike

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    The Project Communication Platform for Architects and Their Clients

    Increase your productivity, delight your clients and enable good project outcomes. Statistics tell us that around 50% of architects work comes from referrals or repeat business. With that in mind it could not be more important to present your practice in the most professional way. can help. We know that consumers expectations are high. They want you to interpret their dreams and require... read more about

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  • Clinked


    White-label client portal for business

    Clinked helps teams & businesses work more efficiently together in the cloud. We are based in Cambridge (UK), where management, engineering, marketing and customer support take place. Secure, Branded, Mobile. Deliver your clients & client-facing teams the secure touch of a white-label branded platform & mobile application today. Our philosophy is to make team collaboration simple, secure and socia... read more about Clinked

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  • Zoho Connect

    Zoho Connect

    Bring your team together.

    Zoho Connect is a team collaboration software that brings people and the resources they need to one place, making it easier to get work done. From keeping your workplace communication organized, to managing the resources your team needs, to staying in sync with your other apps, Zoho Connect makes your team's work easier. Zoho Connect is a team collaboration app, that unifies people, resources, and... read more about Zoho Connect

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  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite

    Zimbra Collaboration Suite

    Easier, Faster, Stronger, Safer, Smarter

    Zimbra incorporates several open source projects under one supported and certified application to offer world-class, open source collaboration software consumable for the enterprise. Zimbra, a Synacor product, is an email and collaboration platform that includes contacts, calendar, tasks, instant messaging, and file sharing, plus add-ons such as videoconferencing, document creation, and file stora... read more about Zimbra Collaboration Suite

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  • Whaller


    A tool to help you be more efficient.

    Discover a simple, collaborative and all-in-one solution which guarantees protection, control and peace of mind. Whaller enables its users to build their own private and secure social/collaborative networks. It's ideal for companies, organizations, schools, public institutions, sports clubs. Whaller can integrate perfectly with the tools and software that you already use. Connect them and increase... read more about Whaller

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  • RemoteHQ


    Virtual workspace for teams to collaborate from anywhere.

    For fully remote or hybrid teams, RemoteHQ is best for innovative companies willing to challenge the status quo that there is more than simply screenshare. ... read more about RemoteHQ

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    The Better Way to Meeting

    Get your team on the same page inside online meeting rooms with collaborative productivity tools. Collaboration and meeting management solution designed to help businesses edit documents, conduct video calls and brainstorm ideas. ... read more about

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  • Kolab


    Collaborate in Confidence

    User-friendly communication solution that connects people to help them collaborate, share files, manage contacts, and coordinate organizational resources.... read more about Kolab

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  • OpenPass



    OpenPaaS is an open collaboration platform for the business. With OpenPaaS, the digital collaboration between business partners is simple and efficient. The Open-Source Alternative to Microsoft 365 & Google Suite. ... read more about OpenPass

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    Open source group collaboration software for businesses helps teams to communicate faster and build collaborative knowledge by sharing and discussing various forms of digital content within a secure, unified application. It combines the capabilities of collaboration tools like wikis, social networks, blogs, file sharing repositories, microblogs, discussion boards, and other communication applications into one secure enterprise platform. i... read more about

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  • GroupOffice


    Your online office

    Group-Office is an enterprise CRM and groupware tool. Share projects, calendars, files and e-mail online with co-workers and clients. Easy to use and fully customizable.... read more about GroupOffice

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  • Ehabilis


    System of webinars, online meetings by departments and digital tutorials. All in one!

    eHabilis is the platform that allows you to develop a global teleworking system, integrating videoconferencing to organize online seminars, group meetings and digital tutorials. eHabilis has been recognized by the Fundación Transforma España as one of the 10 best applications for knowledge and talent management. eHabilis is an application specially designed to make training processes , talent de... read more about Ehabilis

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  • netDocShare


    netDocShare - Live View & Edit NetDocuments content in Teams, SharePoint and Web apps.

    netDocShare provides your firm with the ability to live view and edit any NetDocuments content within Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or your favorite web application. You can simply pin netDocShare app on Teams Navigation bar or add to Team Channel Tab or add to a SharePoint page or Web application page to view NetDocuments content stored in Cabinets, Workspaces, Folders / Sub-Folders, CollabSpaces, ... read more about netDocShare

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    Team Communication Software to Break Free From Email .

    SEDNA’s smart team communication software unifies all messages, data, and documentation to reduce email volume and help teams focus on the work that matters—wherever they are.... read more about SEDNA

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  • Jile


    An Agile DevOps product for Modern Digital Enterprise

    Jile is an Enterprise Agile Planning & Delivery product with DevOps capabilities in a single platform to help manage the end-to-end software delivery value stream from ideation to deployment. Embracing Agile software delivery is an evolutionary journey, where small co-located teams start by adopting agile, then scale these practices across multiple distributed teams and finally, transform into an ... read more about Jile

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    365 Days
  • InfinCE


    Infinte Cloud For Enterprise

    InfinCE is an infinite cloud service for small and mid-sized businesses to run information technology. This cloud infrastructure offers fully supported, open source and out-of-the-box software solutions. You can also choose custom software options and browse from multiple developers to find the integrated solution that matches your needs best. This solution helps small businesses to acquire, opera... read more about InfinCE

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    30 Days
  • ProcessOn


    Visualize your ideas in a diagram.

    ProcessOn is an online collaborative diagramming software that enables you to create a variety of diagrams including Flowcharts, Mockups, BPMN, UML, Networking diagrams, Mindmaps, etc. The diagram can help us better understand and memorize things that are abstract and obscure. It will be better to use a diagram rather than lots of words when you explain something complicated to others.... read more about ProcessOn

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  • 12d Synergy

    12d Synergy

    12d Synergy is data done smarter

    12d Synergy is the streamlined data management, project collaboration and worksharing solution for your architectural, engineering and construction office. 12d Synergy is efficiency for those who’ve had enough of collaboration chaos and stressful, slow networks. 12d Synergy is freedom to be unchained from your desk, to work flexibly anywhere, anytime. 12d Synergy is productivity for the pioneers... read more about 12d Synergy

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  • Otixo


    We bring remote teams together make them better

    Communicate in Real-time with your remote team. Whether your team is the office, on the road…or working from home, Otixo Work Spaces is your secure communication hub for your entire organization and external customers. It’s easy to know what’s happening now and what’s coming up next. With Work Spaces you can: Keep your team and projects organized using Channels. Meet and present in real-ti... read more about Otixo

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  • Process Street

    Process Street

    Simple Process and Workflow Management

    Process Street is a simple, free and powerful way to manage your team's recurring checklists and procedures. Our simple interface lets you create structured documents in seconds. Our simple interface lets you create structured documents in seconds. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts and drag and drop make it easy for anyone to use. Quickly create and assign checklist workflows to your team. Track activi... read more about Process Street

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  • Stackby


    Make way for endless possibilities.

    You imagine, you create. We give you building blocks - spreadsheets, databases and APIs in an all-in-one flexible platform to plan, manage and automate your work. Highly effective teams use Stackby to save both time and money in their teams. It's as easy as a spreadsheet, but you can mould it into a powerful database that your teams will love to use. All on day zero. With over 25+ unique column da... read more about Stackby

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  • Yuvo


    Save time and money by making your business more efficient

    Yuvo is the only all-in-one Business Productivity and Employee Engagement platform a company needs. We help businesses Manage, Engage and Retain their talent to become a better Employer of Choice. Recruit, seamlessly onboard, train, measure & improve employee performance — all in one platform. Draw from best global practices for your HR needs. Happy employees make happier and profitable business... read more about Yuvo

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  • Zoho Remotely

    Zoho Remotely

    Work remotely. Your office is where you are.

    Zoho Remotely is a suite of cloud applications that helps you communicate and collaborate with teams, keep track of work, and provide remote assistance to your customers anywhere in the world. Zoho Remotely will enable you to take your work remote. We have brought together the most comprehensive suite of inter-connected web and mobile apps that will help you and your team communicate, collaborate ... read more about Zoho Remotely

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  • Onehub


    A better way to securely store and share your business files in the cloud.

    Maintain your existing folder and file structures with secure online document sharing and collaboration. Onehub allows you to remain hyper-organized and access your files from anywhere. All of your content is kept secure via precise permission controls that limit abilities by roles such as Viewer, Creator, and Administrator. Get setup in minutes with smarter, secure cloud storage from Onehub. Orga... read more about Onehub

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  • Callab


    Work better together: videocalls for face-to-face collaboration

    Callab is a video meeting & conferencing solution that is simple to manage, secure, can be built in the existing platforms and customized to every business need. Why we created Callab The reason behind the creation of Callab is that we saw many flaws in existing video conferencing solutions. Problems here and there, starting from low video quality to security issues, created extra barriers for... read more about Callab

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  • Glasscubes


    Simplify group collaboration

    Simplify group collaboration in a user-friendly environment that's quick to implement. Glasscubes is a secure hub of online workspaces that you control, which makes it easy to work with anyone, from anywhere. File sharing and group collaboration from anywhere. Glasscubes is a cloud-based collaboration platform used by enterprises and governments. It provides an efficient way to collaborate, by sto... read more about Glasscubes

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  • Evolve IP

    Evolve IP

    A better, more-affordable, Virtual Desktop solution.

    A Virtual Private Cloud: enjoy the built-in high-availability and scalability of public clouds with the control and privacy of a private cloud. True isolation is provided via a suite of best-of-breed security solutions, technologies, and procedures. High-performance Infrastructure: Blue-chip infrastructure including EMC, HPE/Nimble, Dell, Cisco and more provide the throughput, processing speed, an... read more about Evolve IP

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Buyer’s Guide

Introduction to Buyer’s Guide for Collaboration Software

The buyer’s guide for collaboration software aims to provide the users with in-depth knowledge about the importance of collaboration tools to improve overall business performance. Businesses can leverage efficient collaboration tools to ensure streamlined workflow and steady growth through enhanced communication, coordination, teamwork, workflow efficiency, and productivity.

In this buyer's guide, you will learn about the features, importance, and benefits of collaboration management systems. The guide also offers insight into the critical points that one should consider before buying the best collaboration software for your business.

What Are the Most Common Collaboration Challenges for Businesses?

With growing work and teams, numerous communication, coordination, and tracking issues crop up that affect workflow efficiency, team productivity, and performance. With time, these issues cause irreparable damages to the business. The most common collaboration challenges that companies encounter include:

  • Task and workflow tracking and management
  • Communication gap or miscommunication resulting in demotivation, affecting productivity and performance
  • Sharing necessary documents and information with team members
  • Assigning work to team members and ensuring optimal work allocation
  • Time management issues including time wasted in searching for information and trying to communicate with multiple team members in the absence of a common platform
  • Teams working across different time-zones on the same projects and team members finding it difficult to overlap and coordinate at odd hours
  • Issues with file sharing, working together on same docs, and synchronous editing
  • Difficulties in managing and monitoring the remote workforce
  • Poor team building, compromised work, missed deadlines, and frustrated employees

What Is Online Collaboration Software?

Collaboration software is a set of automation tools on a unified platform designed to enable people to collaborate or work together and accomplish a common goal. The software helps resolve the collaboration-related challenges discussed above and manage group processes more effectively and efficiently to enhance overall performance.

Perfect collaboration requires flawless communication and coordination. Collaboration software offers audio/video calls, real-time chat, calendar management, contact management, project management, task management, document management, and other necessary features for transparent communication, hassle-free coordination, seamless collaboration, and improved workflow management. It offers the freedom of working from anywhere, anytime. Leveraging the best collaboration apps aid steadier business growth.

With so many benefits of leveraging top collaboration tools, reports suggest that the global collaboration software market size will grow at an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2025) of 7.2%, and the revenue will reach USD 17.5 billion by 2025.

How Does Collaboration Software Enhance Remote Working?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working is the new norm worldwide today. It is the need of the hour. Remote working suffers from numerous challenges in the absence of reliable collaboration tools, including:

  • Time tracking and management is a severe challenge in remote working for both the company and the employees.
  • Team communication becomes difficult with team members working from different locations and varied time-zones.
  • Remote working without perfect collaboration creates a feeling of social isolation.
  • Lack of communication reduces trust and work satisfaction.
  • Misunderstandings due to lack of communication give rise to conflicts between employees.
  • Deploying separate tools to serve different collaboration needs in remote working increases costs.
  • Employees cannot resolve technical errors and issues related to PC, network, server, etc., and remotely working employees find it challenging to seek technical assistance without efficient collaboration tools.

COVID-19 outbreak has made businesses realize the importance and benefits of remote working, and top collaboration tools make remote working hassle-free by eliminating the above limitations. With collaborative management software, remote working becomes easy, productive, profitable, and flexible. It results in improved work-life balance and work satisfaction, thus boosting remote employees’ morale and performance.

What Are the Benefits of Collaboration Software?

Collaboration tools help businesses control, streamline, and improve the operational processes through enhanced communication and coordination. Below are the advantages of leveraging collaboration systems for your business.

Centralized collaboration

Software-based collaboration systems provide a unified view of the workflow tasks and team members and help manage these on a single platform. It enables collaborative work management, multitasking, communication, and coordination.

Quick information access and updates

Collaboration software provides a common platform for knowledge management, sharing process documents, and data. It offers powerful search tools to reduce search time and enable quicker information access. Online collaboration tools allow real-time information access, updates, and collaboration.

Improved task management

Collaboration tools help automate and streamline task management functions, including task scheduling, task assignment, workload monitoring, team tracking, and more. Business owners can ensure seamless workflow task management with collaboration tools.

Enhanced communication and coordination

Communication and coordination is the root to team success. The collaboration software enables collaborative working, messaging, calling, file sharing, whiteboards, screen-sharing, screen recording, synchronous editing, and more. These systems typically include all the necessary tools to help team members interact without hassles, thus reducing the communication gap and improving coordination.

Increased process efficiency and team productivity

Businesses can ensure better time management by leveraging collaboration systems. The software brings all information and stakeholders in one place, automates repetitive routine tasks, reduces process time, saves communication/coordination time, and enhances process efficiency. The team members can thus better utilize their time and be more productive.

Cost-saving and profitability

With collaborative software, businesses get a comprehensive collection of numerous collaborative working tools in one platform at nominal costs. Besides, they do not need to spend on multiple collaboration tools separately to streamline varied functions/processes, thus reducing overall costs and enhancing profits.

Better decision-making

Collaboration tools enable businesses to measure the performance and productivity of their team members with ease. It offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based business insights through analytics and reporting for better decision-making and business growth.

Enhanced work satisfaction

Collaboration software allows flexible working by reducing process, individual, and team dependencies through improved collaboration. The team members can thus work at their convenience, update work status on the platform, share documents, resolve queries, and monitor tasks. The software helps boost employee morale and work satisfaction resulting in happy employees.

Ease of remote working

Top collaboration tools eliminate the challenges associated with remote working, including communication, coordination, task monitoring, productivity tracking, performance evaluation, knowledge sharing, mentoring, data security, and more. The software thus supports remote working, flexible working hours, and work-life balance for employees. With the increase in the remote workforce or work-from-home employees, businesses can increase employee strength without additional office-space and infrastructure costs.

What Are the Essential Features of Collaboration Software?

A reliable collaboration system typically has everything you need for perfect collaboration, including one-to-one and team communication, coordination, project/task management, workflow management, and security features. Here are the prominent must-have features to look for in collaboration systems.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging is one of the most crucial collaboration tools for businesses. Whether within the team or with clients, real-time chat/messaging helps solve queries and build trust among the users, thereby ensuring uninterrupted work. Better and quicker communication through instant messaging enhances productivity and performance.

Audio/video calls

Audio and video calls enable transparent communication instantly between individuals and groups. Audio and video conferencing allow virtual group meetings where multiple people can interact as conveniently as in a real meeting room. This feature supports better teamwork by preventing miscommunication and work interruption. Managers can utilize this feature to keep updated about their team members and their work status from anywhere, anytime.

Presentation features

Collaboration is enhanced with presentation tools like screen-sharing, whiteboards, annotation tools, virtual notepads, offline viewing, etc., that help team members share their ideas and work together towards a common goal with ease.

Calendar management

The calendar management feature of collaboration software allows sending meeting requests, book meeting slots/rooms, and schedule events. It automatically sends notifications and reminders for task status updates, deadlines, meetings, etc., thus ensuring better work coordination and tracking.

Performance and productivity tracking features

An ideal collaboration system allows monitoring team members’ performance and productivity through features like attendance, login/logout time records, idle time, productive hours, database creation, timesheets, task hours, sites visited, and more. This feature enables work schedule flexibility. These tools collectively help track efficiency, ensure integrity/accountability, and enhance individual and team productivity.

Remote work management features

Remote work management is gaining success and popularity and has now become the new norm for businesses. Collaboration software eases remote working through numerous remote work software features, including employee monitoring, file sharing, live chat, remote access, screen sharing, audio/video calls, meetings management, and security.

Project and task management features

Collaboration systems typically provide comprehensive project management tools, including portfolio management, idea management, project tracking, project budgeting, project planning, project scheduling, resource management, task progress tracking, reporting, forecasting, timesheet, and more, to control and streamline various tasks in the project.

Workflow management features

Collaboration systems provide a wide range of automation tools to streamline workflow management for businesses, including business process automation, workflow configuration, access controls, forms management, notifications/reminders, etc.

Document management features

Collaboration is incomplete without document management. Thus, collaboration software offers versatile document management features, including file sharing, synchronous editing, storage, version control, customized access, search, etc.

Contact management repository

Collaboration systems act as a central repository of all relevant contact information of people involved in a business to ensure seamless communication, including employees, customers, clients, vendors, and other business stakeholders.

Security features

A perfect collaboration tool typically offers security features to include encryption, multi-factor authentication, automatic backups, role-based access, and more.

Other features

Collaboration software offers other useful features, including activity/news feed, dashboard, forms management, Agile/Scrum, and more. Modern collaboration tools include comprehensive analytics and reporting features for team/process monitoring and performance appraisals.

What Are the Key Factors to Consider Before Buying Collaboration Software?

As every business has different collaboration needs and challenges, choosing the best collaboration tools for your company is not easy. Here are some important parameters you can consider for selecting the best collaboration system solutions for your business.

Feasibility for your business

The software must be feasible for your business; it must cost well within your budget, and the Return on Investment or profits (ROI) from its deployment should outweigh its cost. Before buying the software, analyze whether free collaboration tools would suffice or you require comprehensive paid tools (or even advanced higher-priced plans). Also, confirm that the particular collaboration solution is suitable for your specific industry/business. Check the reviews, ratings, and feedback of the software from other users of the same industry.


All collaboration applications offer different features, so it is crucial to ensure that the product you opt for covers all the necessary collaboration tools to satisfy your business needs.

Deployment type

Analyze whether your business needs an on-premise solution or a SaaS-based collaboration system. On-premise solutions have one-time costs, while the SaaS-based software (hosted on third-party servers) vendors typically charge on a per-month basis.


The business collaboration software must allow easy integrations with your existing or third-party systems as required; for example, it may require integration with your HR software for employee performance tracking.

Scalability and customization

Choose a software vendor that provides customization in the software solution to match your needs. The solution must also support scalability, which is vital for business growth.

User training and customer support

Collaboration tools are generally easy-to-use, but the software vendor must provide user training if needed. Also, confirm that the software provider offers prompt need-based customer support.

Additional costs

Analyze and discuss other possible costs involved with collaboration software implementation with the software vendor to include installation, training, maintenance, integrations, customer support, hardware costs, etc. 

Take a demo

Before finalizing the collaboration system, leverage the free trial version if available to ensure that the solution offers all you need and is user-friendly. Else, request the collaboration software vendor to conduct a demo session for your relevant staff or target users.

What Is the Average Cost of Collaboration Systems?

The cost of collaboration solutions depends on numerous parameters. Factors that predominantly affect the pricing of the collaboration tools include:

  • Features it offers
  • Number of users
  • Number of projects
  • Storage space
  • Deployment type

Numerous free collaboration software options are available for businesses who need simple collaboration tools without affecting their business budget. Some software vendors also offer free versions or freemiums of collaboration systems; for example, Brosix offers a free version that allows up to 3 free users and Wrike up to 5 users. Other popular top collaboration tools that offer free versions include Asana, Trello, Beesbusy, MyChat, and OpenProject. These software solutions provide multiple feature-rich packages and higher storage space in the paid plans. Please refer to GoodFirms’ blog on free and open source collaboration systems for more free collaboration system options.

It is possible to avail paid packages of reliable collaboration software for as low as $3 per month; for example, G Suite. You can get numerous top collaboration system packages within $12 per month. Brosix costs $4 per user per month, Taiga $5 per user per month (allows unlimited users and projects), Wrike $9.8 per user per month, Trello $9.99 per user per month, Asana $10.99 per user per month, and Beesbusy costs $11.99 per month for one license.

Some popular and reliable collaboration systems that cost a bit higher include Backlog at $35 per month (for up to 30 users, 5 projects, 1 GB storage) and Basecamp that costs $99 per month for unlimited users and projects.

Top collaboration tool vendors are generally transparent about the pricing of their collaboration systems. Still, before you plan to buy one, you must confirm with the vendor about hidden costs (if any) related to installation, maintenance, system upgrades, integrations with other systems, data migration, customer support, etc. Additionally, vendors typically offer customization at extra costs based on the complexity of your requirements. All these can significantly influence the pricing of collaboration tools.

Why Refer to GoodFirms’ List of Top Collaboration Software?

GoodFirms stands as the most reliable source for the list of the best software in numerous categories, with over 30,000 unbiased reviews from verified customers and a listing of over 60,000 services and software. GoodFirms’ insights are based on information gained from industry leaders worldwide and verified user reviews. We perform extensive research and rigorous analysis to handpick the list of best collaboration software for you.

Because every business has different requirements, GoodFirms offers multiple filters to sort and shortlist the top collaboration tools based on prominent features, business size, pricing models, deployment type, devices supported, and more. Leverage this list of the best collaboration system software summarized by GoodFirms and select the right collaboration tool to streamline and up-surge your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Is Collaboration Software Important for Your Business?

    In the absence of appropriate collaboration tools, businesses commonly face collaboration challenges like communication gaps, lack of transparency, difficulties with knowledge sharing, handling shared files/documents, task delegation, monitoring workflow, remote working, tracking team members’ performance, and more.

    By deploying reliable collaboration software, businesses can eliminate these issues. The software offers centralized control, improved communication with team/clients, automation of repetitive tasks, ease of file-sharing, synchronous editing, time-saving, better monitoring of the workflow, improved efficiency, and enhanced productivity. Online collaboration software offers all these benefits in real-time. The collaboration management software thus assures a streamlined workflow and team management at a nominal cost. For details, please check the GoodFirms’ Buyer’s Guide for Collaboration Software.

  • What Is the Best Collaboration Software for Businesses?

    No single solution is the best for all. The best collaboration system software for your business is the one that satisfies your specific business needs and has positive feedback from other similar companies of the same industry as yours. You can refer to GoodFirms’ list of top collaboration software with the features, pricing, and reviews of the most popular solutions and select the one that matches your requirements and fits your budget. Also, for better shortlisting and selection, leverage the filters provided for business size, popular features, deployment type, pricing model, and more.

  • How Do Collaboration Tools Support Remote Working?

    Collaboration software tools enable seamless remote working by offering a unified platform for workflow activities, team communication, meetings, audio/video conferencing, file sharing, synchronous editing, whiteboards for synchronous working, instant messaging, etc.

    Remote teams typically need a unified group collaboration software or online collaboration platform. Online collaboration systems allow audio/video calls, meetings, and screen-sharing features that help the team members work together as comfortably and efficiently as they would in the office setting. Top collaboration tools support flexible remote working that improves work-life balance, employee satisfaction, and productivity.

  • What Are the Necessary Features of Collaboration Management Software?

    The prominent or must-have features that collaboration software typically offers include:

    • Project and task management
    • Instant messaging/chat
    • Audio/video calls and conferencing
    • Synchronous document management
    • Informative calendar
    • Interactive dashboard
    • Powerful search
    • Centralized repository
    • Whiteboard
    • Role-based access controls
    • Analytics and reporting
  • What Are the Factors That Influence the Pricing of Collaboration Tools?

    The cost of collaboration software depends on numerous factors, including the core factors that significantly affect the pricing and the secondary factors that may pose additional/hidden costs. These include:

    Core factors:

    • Features
    • Number of users
    • Number of projects
    • Deployment type
    • Storage

    Other factors:

    • Installation
    • Integrations (with existing systems and third-party)
    • Customization
    • System upgrades and maintenance
    • User training
    • Customer support
  • How Much Does Collaboration Software Cost?

    Collaboration system vendors typically provide multiple plans or packages to suit businesses of different sizes and varied needs. Some collaboration solutions allow a free version or freemium apart from multiple paid plans; for example, Podio, Asana, Backlog, and Confluence.

    Among paid solutions, it is possible to get reliable collaboration software for less than $10 per month; for example, Confluence costs $5 per user per month, G Suite $3, and Trello $9.99 per month. The advanced or higher-priced collaboration software packages allow more users and projects and offer higher storage. For example, Backlog costs $35 per month for the starter plan covering 30 users, 5 projects, and 1 GB of storage. Backlog’s premium plan costs $175 per month and allows unlimited users, unlimited projects, and 100 GB of space. Please check the Buyer’s Guide for Collaboration Software for details on pricing.

  • Are There Any Free Collaboration Tools Available?

    Yes, there are multiple free collaboration software options available in the market. Small businesses with budget constraints can avoid costly collaboration solutions, save costs, and enhance profits by leveraging these tools to streamline their business processes. For details, please refer to our blog on Best Free and Open Source Collaboration Systems.

  • Are Collaboration Systems Secure?

    Yes, the top collaboration management software solutions available in the market typically provide robust, multi-layer security features to ensure security. You must still inquire with the software vendor about security features related to:

    • Data backup and storage
    • Data integrity
    • Data sharing
    • Encryption
    • Access controls
    • Vulnerability scanning

    As security is a significant concern for a business, it is also worth considering and comparing the customer reviews, ratings, and feedback for multiple collaboration systems before finalizing one. You can refer to the list of best collaboration system solutions compiled by GoodFirms and get the relevant information.

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