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Explore the best IT management software to operate your information management systems efficiently.

Present-day organizations need robust IT management solutions to manage IT assets, enormous databases, and complex IT networks. Businesses underpinned by future-proof technology, flexible IT structures, and efficient application support can outperform in vulnerable business environments and react defensively to unexpected threats and changes. IT Management Software ensures that all processes, devices, and networks within an organization’s IT environment are monitored and administered without fail.

What is an IT Management Software?

IT Management software is an essential tool in regulating the IT services throughout a company. It is a digital suite of functions, process controls, and reporting apparatuses that help companies maintain the efficiency of their IT ecosystem. IT management tools can also be used for organization-wide project collaboration, workflow automation, and network monitoring, besides a host of other purposes. An IT management system, when implemented, can also maintain compliance with the latest technology protocols and support for in-office troubleshooting.

Why Do Organizations Require IT Management Software?

The greatest threats that modern organizations face in the digital world are related to the destruction of reputation due to IT failure and cyber-security breaches. Without qualitative IT management, organizations may be susceptible to operational disruption. Fragmented IT architecture and legacy systems are useless. Therefore, companies require integrated technology platforms to manage, scrutinize, and control the IT infrastructure.

How do you select the best IT management software for your business?

Selecting the best IT management software is critical for unhampered working environments. GoodFirms is a leading B2B software research platform that industry leaders, software seekers, and businesses use to find trustworthy software applications. Keeping the latest technology requirements at the crux of a focused research methodology, GoodFirms has listed the top IT management software. Check the features reviews, apply filters, see the pricing of the best IT management tools, and finalize the best one for your organization.

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List of The Top IT Management Tools

  • Wrike

    Cloud-based Collaboration and Project Management Software
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    Wrike is an IT work management software trusted by 20,000+ companies and over two million users. Streamline your IT management using custom request forms, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, time-tracking, automated workflows and approvals, budget management, and advanced reporting, all in one place. Integrate Wrike with 400+ applications such as GitHub for seamless development and tracking. Customize yo ... read more about Wrike

    $9.80 Per Month
    14 Days
    10% in IT Management Software
  • is a cloud-based Work OS, where teams create workflow apps in minutes to run their processes, projects, and everyday work. Teams shape their workflows and projects, code-free, with a platform that adapts to shifting needs quickly, liberates teams from manual grunt work, and connects teams in a collaborative workspace. The platform’s features include customizable workflow templates to ... read more about

    $30 Per Month
    14 Days
    5% in IT Management Software
  • Atera

    Ultimate All-In-One RMM Suite for MSPs & IT Pros
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    Atera is a cloud based all-in-one remote monitoring & management (RMM) software suite for IT service providers. Atera includes everything you need to grow your IT business in one, integrated solution. Ateras fixed monthly pricing model helps IT businesses of all sizes grow with no extra costs. All plans include unlimited devices monitoring, Its that simple. Get your free 30-day trial today. No cre ... read more about Atera

    $79 Per Month
    30 Days
    11% in IT Management Software
  • Accelo

    Automating professional service operations.
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    Accelo is used and loved by professional service businesses around the world to manage their client work, profitably. With an emphasis on time and money, the client work management platform gives you a holistic view of your most up-to-date business data and financial performance. Having client communications, activities and work centralized in a single platform, you always know where things are wi ... read more about Accelo

    $24 Per Month
    14 Days
    14% in IT Management Software
  • Anydesk

    The Fast Remote Desktop Application
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    AnyDesk is a remote desktop software that allows you to connect to and control any other computer anywhere. It is a lightweight and easy-to-use application that is perfect for providing remote support to your customers or employees. One unique feature of AnyDesk is its low latency. This means there is very little lag when connected to a remote device. This makes it a great choice for businesses th ... read more about Anydesk

    Free version
    25% in IT Management Software
  • Zenduty

    Revolutionary incident resolution system for SRE, DevOps, ITOps and Support teams
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    Zenduty is a revolutionary incident management platform that gives you greater control and automation over the incident management lifecycle. Zenduty centralizes alerts, notifies the right people reliably, and enables them to collaborate and take rapid action. Zenduty allows for flexible on-call scheduling, notifications and escalation policies so teams and individuals can set their own pace an ... read more about Zenduty

    Free version
    IT Management Software
  • Managing IT has never been a bigger challenge. Hardware, software, and users can be anywhere at any time, making IT environments extremely dynamic and often complex. A seemingly simple question has become terribly difficult to answer: ‘Who is using what?’ This question inspired Lansweeper and still drives us today. We believe that answering it is crucial to tackle and simplify many of the chal ... read more about Lansweeper

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    25% in IT Management Software
  • LogMeIn Pro

    Access & manage computers remotely
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    It implifies how people connect with each other and the world around them to drive meaningful interactions, deepen relationships, and create better outcomes for individuals and businesses. With millions of users worldwide, our cloud-based solutions make it possible for people and companies to connect and engage with their workplace, colleagues, customers and products anywhere, anytime.  ... read more about LogMeIn Pro

    $349.99 Per Year
    14 Days
    25% in IT Management Software
  • Univention Corporate Server

    Server software for easy-to-use IT operations
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    UCS is optimally suited for the management of distributed heterogeneous and virtualized IT environments, regardless of whether you employ Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or Linux systems. Not only the the quick and simple administration of users, identities and applications, but also the central and secure management of whole server and desktop systems is possible. Univention also provides users with ... read more about Univention Corporate Server

    Free version
    33% in IT Management Software
  • Syxsense Manage

    Making Endpoint Management and Security Easy
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    Syxsense Manage lets users see and manage all endpoints inside and outside the network with coverage for all major operating systems and endpoints, including IoT devices. Syxsense provides users with a complete view of their IT infrastructure with an intuitive interface, and all-inclusive features. The service is designed to provide full endpoint intelligence with OS, hardware, and software inv ... read more about Syxsense Manage

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    14 Days
    25% in IT Management Software
  • Splunk

    Drive outcomes across Security, IT and DevOps with the data platform built for the cloud.
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    Splunk is the IT management software that empowers businesses to gain real-time insights, optimize performance, and proactively address potential issues. Experience the power of unified data ingestion, intelligent analytics, and machine learning to transform your IT infrastructure into a data-driven powerhouse of operational efficiency and resilience. It provides a unified data platform that index ... read more about Splunk

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    More than 30 days
    17% in IT Management Software
  • ALVAO IT Service Management

    ITSM solution designed for Microsoft 365
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    ALVAO's comprehensive ITSM platform integrates Service Desk and IT asset management, simplifying daily IT operations with digital workflows and no-code automation for incident, problem, change, and release management, as well as IT asset tracking. Data-driven insights enable process improvement, and you can extend these capabilities to other departments at no extra cost, maximizing your software i ... read more about ALVAO IT Service Management

    $2.7 Per Month
    30 Days
    34% in IT Management Software
  • PRTG Network Monitor

    Your IT & IoT monitoring experts
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    PRTG Network Monitor is the all-encompassing IT management software that empowers businesses to proactively monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize their network performance for peak efficiency and seamless operations. Experience the power of comprehensive monitoring, real-time insights, and intelligent alerts to transform your IT infrastructure into a well-orchestrated symphony of performance and rel ... read more about PRTG Network Monitor

    $1899 Per Year
    25% in IT Management Software
  • Onspring

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    Onspring promotes efficiency, transparency, and control across your internal audit process. Our cloud-based software helps you plan strategically, deliver tactically and elevate the performance of your IA department. With Onspring’s internal audit management solution, you can: Align audit plans with your organization’s most significant risks and objectives, Manage work papers, findings, review ... read more about Onspring

    $175 Per Month
    12% in IT Management Software
  • N-able RMM

    An Easy-to-Use Remote Monitoring & Management Platform That Grows with You.
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    With out-of-the-box remote monitoring, management, patching, and automation, it’s easier than ever to support, manage, and protect your customers with N‑able RMM. ... read more about N-able RMM

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    30 Days
    25% in IT Management Software
  • Kwoksys

    Kwok Information Server
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    Kwok Information Server is an open source IT management system. Kwok Information Server, utilizing open source software such as Java, Tomcat and PostgreSQL, provides a centralized system for managing/tracking hardware inventory, software licenses, issues, service contracts, and vendor contacts. Additional modules include knowledge base, portal, RSS, blogs. ... read more about Kwoksys

    Free version
    100% in IT Management Software
  • TeamDynamix

    Together on one platform.
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    TeamDynamix is the comprehensive IT management software that empowers organizations to achieve operational brilliance, enhance service delivery, and drive continuous improvement. Experience the power of unified service management, automated workflows, and real-time insights to transform your IT infrastructure into a driving force of business innovation and success. It offers a unified platform tha ... read more about TeamDynamix

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    25% in IT Management Software
  • ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

    ADAudit Plus helps keep your Windows Server ecosystem secure and compliant.
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    ADAudit Plus transforms raw and noisy event log data into real-time reports and alerts, enabling you to get full visibility into activities happening across your Windows Server ecosystem in just a few clicks. More than 10,000 organizations across the world trust ADAudit Plus to: Instantly notify them about changes in their Windows Server environments. Continuously track Windows user logon ac ... read more about ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

    Free version
    33% in IT Management Software
  • ManageEngine ADManager Plus

    allows IT administrators and technicians to manage AD objects easily and generate instant reports.
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    ADManager Plus is a web-based Active Directory (AD) management and reporting solution that helps AD administrators and help desk technicians handle day-to-day tasks. The solution can manage multiple user accounts in AD, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace along with Microsoft Exchange mailboxes. Its password management feature enables administrators to reset users’ passwords, configure and s ... read more about ManageEngine ADManager Plus

    Free version
    50% in IT Management Software
  • ManageEngine O365 Manager Plus

    A holistic Office 365 administration solution
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    O365 Manager Plus is an extensive Office 365 tool used for reporting, managing, monitoring, auditing, and creating alerts for critical activities. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily manage Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, and other Office 365 services all from one place. O365 Manager Plus provides exhaustive prec ... read more about ManageEngine O365 Manager Plus

    Free version
    25% in IT Management Software
  • ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

    Collect, monitor, and analyze logs, and comply with regulatory mandates.
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    5 Reasons you need EventLog Analyzer In-depth auditing capabilities Audits network perimeter devices' logs, user activities, server account changes, user accesses, and a lot more to meet security auditing needs. Augmented threat intelligence Bundled with a global IP threat database and STIX/TAXII feed processor to detect any malicious inbound or outbound traffic. Comprehensive log manag ... read more about ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

    Free version
    20% in IT Management Software
  • PDQ Inventory

    So fast and easy, IT's already done!
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    PDQ Inventory is a systems management tool that scans Windows computers to collect hardware, software, and Windows configuration data. With PDQ Inventory, users can create customized collections to identify machines that need software updates--all remotely. We recommend using these collections along with PDQ Deploy to automate Windows patch management. Our products are designed to work togethe ... read more about PDQ Inventory

    $500.00 Per Year
    14 Days
    50% in IT Management Software
  • Pulseway RMM

    Robust IT system monitoring and management platform.
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    Pulseway is the easiest way to remotely monitor and control IT systems from any device enabling busy IT admins to fix issues on-the-go and be more productive. ... read more about Pulseway RMM

    $27 Per Month
    14 Days
    20% in IT Management Software
  • KACE Systems Management Appliance

    Comprehensive systems management for any network-connected device.
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    The KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) helps you accomplish these goals by automating complex administrative tasks and modernizing your unified endpoint management approach. This makes it possible for you to inventory all hardware and software, patch mission-critical applications and OS, reduce the risk of a breach, and assure software license compliance. So you’re able to reduce systems ma ... read more about KACE Systems Management Appliance

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    30 Days
    50% in IT Management Software
  • Solarwinds Service Desk

    Is is a Service Desk Built Just For You.
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    Solarwinds Service Desk is the IT management software that empowers businesses to transform their support operations into a driving force of efficiency, collaboration, and exceptional customer experiences. Experience the power of unified ticketing, automated workflows, and real-time insights to elevate your IT service desk into a cornerstone of business success. It offers a modular design that all ... read more about Solarwinds Service Desk

    $19 Per Month
    30 Days
    20% in IT Management Software
  • Pulseway PSA

    The ultimate business management software to run every aspect of your business.
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    Pulseway Patch Management software eliminates the need for manual updates thanks to patch automation and easy-to-set-up policies, ensuring complete security of your business and clients. Secure your Windows endpoints by patching all the operating systems, updating all your 3rd party applications, and automate your workload by scheduling patching updates at regular intervals. ... read more about Pulseway PSA

    $32 Per Month
    14 Days
    50% in IT Management Software
  • Zenoss

    Application-Centric Network Monitoring & Analytics
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    We're on a mission to provide organizations throughout the GalaxZ with Software-Defined IT Operations™ and are hiring the best of the best to join in that effort. Zenoss works with the world's largest organizations to ensure their IT services and applications are always on. As the leader in Software-Defined IT Operations™, Zenoss develops software that builds comprehensive real-time models of ... read more about Zenoss

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    33% in IT Management Software
  • Opsview

    Network Device Monitoring
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    Opsview provides unified insight into dynamic IT operations on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid. Opsview is a modern, scalable monitoring platform that enables digital transformation.Opsview is trusted by hundreds of businesses, government organizations and service providers globally. Customers include Sky, Cisco, IBM, Comcast, Telefónica, PayPal, British Telecom, Norfolk Southern, CIT, Fujitsu, H ... read more about Opsview

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    33% in IT Management Software
  • Panopta

    Infrastructure Monitoring for Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid Environments
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    Panopta is changing the way businesses monitor their network, servers, and applications with our advanced infrastructure monitoring platform.The rapid emergence of hybrid infrastructure environments has put a significant strain on operations teams; managing multiple tools leads to increased diagnostic delay and increased costs. Panopta centralizes your public/private monitoring, alerting, and repo ... read more about Panopta

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    30 Days
    25% in IT Management Software
  • SevOne

    Modernize Your Approach to Network Monitoring
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    SevOne provides the world’s largest CSPs, MSPs and Enterprises with the most comprehensive technology portfolio to collect, analyze and visualize network & infrastructure performance data to deliver actionable insights to compete and win in the connected world. SevOne serves organizations that are looking to complex, dynamic next-generation infrastructure such as software defined networks, orche ... read more about SevOne

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    50% in IT Management Software
  • Remote Desktop Manager

    Remote Connections & Passwords. Everywhere!
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    We provide a free edition for individual users who don't need to share remote connections and privileged passwords with other IT professionals. And Enterprise Edition for MSPs, IT professionals & helpdesk technicians who need to share remote connections and privileged passwords with other team members. ... read more about Remote Desktop Manager

    Free version
    50% in IT Management Software
  • LiteManager

    Remote access software, free remote desktop software, remote administration Windows
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    LiteManager Pro/Free — remote access software for remote administration of computers over the Internet or remote control in a local network, for distant learning, providing remote support to users and supervising work activity of employees. The program allows one to quickly and easily control a computer desktop in real-time mode with full support for Windows and provides secure remote access to ... read more about LiteManager

    Free version
    33% in IT Management Software
  • DeskRoll

    Instant Unattended Remote Access. On-demand Remote Support Sessions.
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    DeskRoll Remote Desktop is a tool for support technicians, administrators and helpdesks. It works in any modern browser, and on mobile devices including Apple and Android gadgets. Help your client remotely by logging in to their computer. Manage your computer from anywhere in the world, any time! ... read more about DeskRoll

    $12.95 Per Month
    7 Days
    33% in IT Management Software
  • CMDBuild

    The platform for Asset Management
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    CMDBuild is an open-source IT management solution that allows businesses to customize and adapt its features to their needs and requirements. It provides comprehensive asset and configuration management capabilities, enabling companies to track, manage, and control their IT infrastructure assets and configurations. CMDBuild offers workflow automation tools that allow businesses to automate routine ... read more about CMDBuild

    Free version
    50% in IT Management Software

Buyer’s Guide

Introduction to Buyer’s Guide For IT Management Software

In the past, the businesses were quite disorganized, sluggish, and prone to risks. For quite a long time, the business struggled with their performance and quality. But with technological innovation and digitization, this has changed dramatically.  IT management or Information technology management is a core discipline of any organization today where all the computers and information systems & technology resources of a company are managed in line with its significance and requirement. It widely covers all the software, hardware, and networks associated with the business. Any error in their functioning could lead to permanent damage. In order to avoid such circumstances, the business owners have to ensure that all their IT assets are in good working condition and operating in their full capacity.  Technology like IT management software proves handy to manage IT infrastructure efficiently.  However, the selection of the right IT Management Software becomes vital.

This buyer guide is intended to help business owners, IT technicians, and IT managers to select the best IT management software. The guide will highlight key points about the IT management software that could assist them in selecting the software.

What Are the Two Main Processes Involved In IT Management?

IT management can be categorized into two processes; tactical and strategic.

Strategic Process:  The strategic process includes activities that require advance planning and preparations to perform business operations.  The process ensures that all the supportive requirements are available to execute the activities.  In IT management, the areas that require strategic planning includes;

  • Security planning
  • Facilities management
  • License management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Capacity monitoring/ planning

Tactical process: The tactical process is more focused on the issues or topics that have an immediate impact on the system.  For IT infrastructure, the tactical components include

  • Problem management
  • Storage management
  • Network management
  • Configuration management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Change management

How Can Efficient IT Management Help Organizations to Save Costs?

A well managed IT system helps organizations to reduce operational costs and enhance overall productivity.  It facilitates all the avenues that assist in optimizing the company’s IT resources.  It is critical to avoid the expenses business owners have to bear when they are struck by an unexpected disaster. The disaster could result in major data loss, lengthy downtime, and low productivity. The business owners practicing sound IT management can take preventive measures in a timely manner and reduce the impact of the disasters. 

The costly IT assets essential for business success should yield high ROI to the business owners. A well planned IT management has better control over the IT inventories, and it prevents the placing of unnecessary orders. The IT management ensures efficient delivery of IT services and smooth flow of information within different departments of an organization.   Besides that, regular maintenance of IT equipment ensures that businesses perform routine activities without any issues and gain higher profit.  Setting up IT infrastructure is not alone enough to cut costs on business operations, but strategy to enhance their capacity through IT management can make a huge difference.  It means being vigilant on IT security, computing speed, connectivity, and overall productivity is equally important to save costs.

What Are the Challenges of Traditional IT Management?

  • Managing inventory and licensing: Managing IT inventory and licensing is a challenging task with the traditional approach.  The IT technician’s or manager’s job becomes quite exhausting to manually check the IT infrastructure involving multiple assets. The conventional method for managing IT assets, licenses, usage, and contracts does not promise transparency.
  • Documentation: Documentation is an integral part of IT infrastructure.  The technician needs to note down all the details about the new updates, procurement, or issues within the IT set-up. The traditional method was quite cumbersome and had a low level of accuracy. The process of knowledge transfer becomes difficult whenever some new technician or expert joins the team.
  • High risk: The traditional approach is not accurate, and it puts the business at high risk when they don’t conduct maintenance work regularly. Poorly maintained IT infrastructure could lead to security loopholes; it could be catastrophic for business.
  • Time-consuming: The traditional approach is expensive and time-consuming. The IT technician or managers have to rely on manual methods for all their operations. It is quite  time consuming and expensive to monitor all the system manually.
  • Data storage: The entrepreneurs are exhibiting their digital presence through online platforms. It means more data generation and more work for IT management to store these data. It is a big challenge to manage and process these data with standard computing power.

The wiser way to handle these challenges is to invest in the top IT management software.

What Is IT Management Software?

IT Management Software is a set of tools that help organizations to monitor and administer an organization’s information technology systems like hardware, software, and networks.  The IT management software is a broad term, and it spans various constituents of the organization process, including project management, workflow automation, incident management, software license management, etc.

What Is the Purpose of IT Management Software?

Generally, an  IT infrastructure consists of servers, switches, routers, software, security patches, power system, and service components (Firmware, app installation, configuration, and updates).  The primary purpose of the IT management software is to ensure that all these components remain up and running to conduct the business processes.  Besides that, it deals with policies, procedures, and cloud-based services.

The existence of IT Management Software was evident because of the complexity associated with the IT infrastructure.  It becomes complete chaos when the IT technician has to detect and fix issues from the massive network system. Especially when it is a large enterprise, it gets even more challenging to monitor all the connected devices manually and identify the error.  

The automation feature of IT management software further makes IT management easy and quick. It reduces the redundancy level and saves resources for performing more complex tasks.  Besides that, the IT management software addresses the business owners’ pain-points like global regulatory compliances, delivering fast customer services, and aligning IT infrastructure to evolving business needs.  

Who Can Use IT Management Software?

  • IT system managers
  • Project managers
  • IT technicians

What Are the Segments Covered by IT Management Software?

  • IT asset management
  • Data management
  • Network management
  • Help desk management

The IT management software can bring significant value to the organization if they know the benefits of IT management software.

What Are the Benefits of IT Management Software?

  • High productivity: A computer system that is fully functional and does not have issues with the hardware or software side can increase users' productivity.
  • Uniform and seamless employee experience: For the growth of an organization, it is necessary that the employee has a uniform and smooth working experience.  It is only possible when all the necessary IT amenities work flawlessly.  The IT management solution ensures that all the tasks that require IT infrastructure are fully functional, and even if there are any issues, it gets rectified quickly.
  • Easy to monitor issues: The IT management software gives central access to the technician to monitor all the systems utilized by the organization.  It gives them more control over the IT infrastructure and flexibility to work on issues according to the risk levels. The IT management solution can also monitor the network and network devices like routers, printers, firewalls, and switches.
  • Minimizes insider threats: The ability of IT management software to view each IT component from a single location makes it easy to monitor all the activities within the organization. The technician can also control the user's permission and access to enterprise assets.
  • Log analyzing:  Log analyzing feature helps users collect, correlate, and analyze the data to examine the system performance. Based on the data, the technician takes action to improve the performance.
  • Reduce operational costs:  The enterprise can incur huge expenses if their IT infrastructure is not working in full strength or the issues within the system are not fixed immediately. The timely resolution of the IT system can save enterprise expenses and help them identify issues before it goes out of control.
  • Remote monitoring:  Remote monitoring of applications, devices, and networks can help the business to prevent disruptions due to lack of visibility and quickly resolve the issues with the IT infrastructure.   
  • Better team collaboration: The IT management software can allow team members to collaborate more efficiently; as such, the network infrastructure is managed well by the IT management solution and eliminates all the roadblocks in the network.
  • Reduce downtime: The organization can reduce the down-time by decreasing repair time and resuming the regular activities.
  • Automation:  The top IT management software solutions can automatically detect the change in the system and alert the IT technician.  It can also conduct automated monitoring of the IT inventories and resource allocation. Automation saves a lot of time and effort for IT technicians.
  • Schedule maintenance: Most IT infrastructure that has manual management often suffers due to mis-management in maintenance, but with the IT management tool, the users can schedule regular maintenance and even set reminders easily. 

What Are the Time-Saving Features of IT Management Software?

  • Alerts
  • Analytic reports
  • Dashboard
  • Inventory management
  • Remote access and  desktop sharing
  • Self-service
  • Knowledge base
  • Cloud computing
  • App Management
  • Audit and reports
  • Patch management
  • App Management
  • Third-party integration
  • Asset management
  • Granular level monitoring
  • Resource allocation and resource forecasting
  • Automation
  • Network monitoring
  • Robust customer support (Chat, email, and phone)
  • Incident tagging
  • Data backup and recovery

Key Factors to Consider Before Investing In the Best IT Management Software

  • Pricing:  The cost of the IT management software is a critical factor to consider before making a buying decision. . It is ideal to check for the hidden charges and other service-related charges before one finalizes on the IT management software. 
  • Robust security features: For IT management software, security stands as the top factor..  The IT management software holds confidential information about business IT infrastructure; besides that, it can access other systems remotely, which makes it a soft target for hackers. The top IT management software with high-end security features and data loss prevention measures can bolster the organization’s security.
  • Interoperability:  The IT management software can integrate and operate with different hardware or software vendors.  But all these software have different data interpretations, which makes interoperability difficult. So it is preferable to choose the IT management solution that has high interoperability.
  • Reliability:  Speed, security, stability, and disaster recovery are the four parameters that help while checking the reliability of k the IT management software. Reliable IT management software can be productive in mitigating business risks.
  • Third-party Integrations: There are many tools available in the market designed for project management, generating support tickets, change management, etc. These tools, when clubbed with IT management software, can improve its efficiency.  It is necessary that IT management software solutions easily integrate with third-party tools.   
  • Agility: A rigid IT infrastructure can never allow the business to get a competitive edge in an ever-changing market scenario. The best IT management software should be able to swiftly adapt to the changing environment.
  • Delivery model:  The IT management software solutions can be deployed as both on-premise and software-as-a-service (SaaS). The implementation could be different for both types of models, and users have to be careful while choosing the software as it may be difficult to change half-way.
  • Scalability: As any organization expands, there is a need for expanded IT infrastructure. .  It is essential that IT management software is scalable and allows users to accommodate the system as per the business requirements.  It is also necessary that the software perform equally well with the large volume of users. 
  • User-friendly interface: The IT management can become a mess if the interface is not friendly. .  The IT management software with a user-friendly interface helps technicians to view issues clearly and resolve them quickly.
  • Customization: Few businesses might need a customized IT management solution to meet their unique business requirements. It is wise to consider a software that offers customization. 

What Are the Latest Trends In IT Management Software?

  • Chatbots and voice assistants:  Chatbots and voice assistants are in use in IT Management Software in multiple ways, from project management to service management. It can be used to update the task sheets, generate project reports, set up reminders, or even check the inventories. 
  • Cloud computing: Cloud computing has been helping organizations transfer the burden of managing the in-house IT infrastructure to the cloud. It enables them to store data on a remote server and run software without installing them.  Some organizations even use a hybrid cloud system, where part of their IT infrastructure is on-premise and uses cloud only when there is a need.
  • Mobile application: Mobile devices give IT technicians and IT managers the flexibility to quickly access all the details about their IT infrastructure while on the go There is an emerging trend of mobile apps, and having the IT management software right with mobile, can support quick and instant management of IT assets. 
  • Predictive analysis:  Just like cloud computing, predictive analysis technology has created excitement among business owners.  Many industries are utilizing the predictive model to forecast business opportunities, and software users do not rule out AI-powered functions in the IT management tool as well. Based on the past data, the predictive model can suggest to IT technicians the best approach to manage IT infrastructure.

What Is the Average Cost of IT Management Software?

There is a lot of variation seen in the pricing of the IT management software because of the features and services the IT management software offers. Bigger businesses may need end-to-end IT management software solutions that cover all IT infrastructure aspects like change management, project management, asset management, incident management, etc. Small businesses could be precise in their requirements and may utilize one or two of these services. The average cost of IT management software could be anywhere between $1.5/month to $99/month. 

  • IT Management Software For Start-ups or Beginners:  Startups usually have to find a balance between their budget and software selection.  It is essential they choose the IT management tool that puts the minimum burden on their budget while fulfilling their business goals. A budget-friendly IT management tool like Softaculous with a starting price of $1.50 per month takes care of all the installation and updates; if the startups are specific about enhancing the software security, then, Idatptive Next-Gen Access with the starting price of $2/month is a good alternative. Both these tools offer free trial too. In case if the business owners are looking for basic IT management software features, then Miradore Management Suite with a starting price of $4 is a good deal.  It covers standard features like IT asset management, patch management, analytics, etc. There are numerous low budget IT management tools available that could help startups and small businesses to claim the IT management software benefits. These include Optitune, Wrike, Applixure, and MyCloudIT.
  • IT Management Software for Mid-Size and Large Enterprises:  The mid-size companies can manage tools with basic features and scale up as their requirement rises. Freshservice is one of the top IT Management Software that comes at a starting price of $39/month. The tool is versatile and helps users manage IT assets, projects, and teams efficiently. The tool is scalable and accommodates the business growing needs.  Solarwinds Service Desk can be another best  IT management software option. With a nominal price of $19/month and seamless integration with other tools, the IT management solution is gaining its own popularity. Both these tools offer a free trial. The other tool that qualifies in the same category includes Accelo, GoodAccess, and Abraxio. In case the users want complete control of their entire IT infrastructure, then high-end IT management software like Emsada with a starting price of $80/month could be worth using. The tool offers out-of-the-box IT management software features like service monitoring, reporting, customization, anti-virus alerts, task management, and a myriad of other functions. The other high-end tools that users can consider are ICEFLO and ATERA. 
  • Free and open source IT Management Software:  The free and open source IT management software provides many advantages like flexibility, speed, cost, transparency, customization, and room for innovation.  These advantages of free and open source IT Management Software are feasible for many business organizations, especially startups and small scale businesses.

Why Refer to GoodFirms' list of Best IT Management Software?

GoodFirms is a reliable review and rating platform for IT solutions.  It carries out a rigorous review and rating system to ensure that consumers get genuine software products for their organizations.  The platform has a pool of software covering almost all industries, which gives software users more options to select the best tool for their business.  The users can select the software by comparing them on various parameters like pricing, features, and services.


IT infrastructure is playing a significant role in filling the gaps in business operations and deals with the core issues like cost, complexity, and compliance. Until technology came into existence, the business operations were disoriented and prone to risks. But as technology improvised, the businesses are getting streamlined and optimized for performance.  Further, efforts are made to ensure that the IT system performs with minimum maintenance and gives maximum output. IT management software is quite useful in achieving this goal and helps users overcome all the challenges they face with the traditional IT management system. If your organization is looking to derive maximum benefits from its IT infrastructure, then do not miss to pick the right IT management tool from GoodFirms’ list of best IT management software.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Tools Do IT Managers Use?

IT Managers use various tools for regulating, monitoring, and managing their IT assets and the overall network. Integrated information technology management software is the most frequently used application by IT managers to administer and control their IT infrastructure. These tools provide various modules for managing an organization’s IT environment and associated network systems.

What are the Various Modules of IT Management Software?

IT management software has modules for:

  • Patch management
  • Endpoint security,
  • Network monitoring
  • Remote support
  • Asset management
  • Database management
  • System monitoring
  • Storage Management
  • Configuration and license management
What Does IT management Software Do?
  • IT management software monitors the IT network for fault, security, and performance.
  • It continuously analyzes servers and applications for speed, uptime, and capacity utilization.
  • It optimizes the database and reports errors, checks storage capacity, detects security breach events, and deploys automated response mechanisms.
  • The software also assists IT administrators in keeping their cloud architecture safe, secure, and compliant with IT regulations. 
  • IT managers can troubleshoot issues, maintain documentation, create network diagrams, and design database structure with the help of IT management software.    
What Security Features Does IT Management Software Offer?

Security Features available with the top IT management software are:

  • 256-bit encrypted connection when transferring data
  • Compliance certifications, 
  • Privacy Shield
  • SOC 2
  • GDPR compliance
  • Restrict user access via SAML/SSO
  • Restricts unauthorized devices to connect
  • Warranty Status checkup
  • Location Data Access
  • Third-Party Patch management
What Role Does IT Management Software Play in Maintaining Endpoint Device Management?

Currently, the most vulnerable parts of the IT infrastructure are the endpoints devices. The user devices such as laptops, mobiles,  employee devices such as desktops (BYODs), POS,  IT tools used by third-party users such as proprietary software, etc., are most susceptible to cyber-attacks and security breaches. Generally, these devices are run by people without complete knowledge of IT protective measures. Most cases of phishing, data theft, ransomware, malware intrusion, etc., begin with users clicking infected links from their endpoint devices, which brings down the whole workspace. 

IT management software protects the endpoint devices by establishing stringent security protocols on all devices connected to the organization’s IT infrastructure. From antivirus, firewalls, and network access control to threat detection and root cause analysis, IT management software deploys an efficient and automated mechanism to respond to all types of threats. 

What Types of Alerts Can IT Managers Receive from IT Management Software?

Timely alerts are critical for security control and quick remediation. IT management software sends real-time alerts and notifications regarding security, efficiency, and delivery of IT devices and services:

  • Threat detection
  • Session Changes
  • Session Timeouts
  • Storage capacity exceeds the limit.
  • Network Downtime
  • Bug Warnings
  • Troubleshoot requirements
  • License expiries
  • Backup requirements
  • Database access requests from unknown sources
  • New Device discovery
  • And more...
How can AI and Cognitive Computing Enhance the Utility of IT Management Software?

AI and Cognitive computing empowers the IT management tools to analyze data for predicting IT issues. AI-enabled capabilities and cognitive computing help IT managers accelerate the resolution of technical issues. It improves productivity, competency, and performance of IT managers. As cyberattacks are sudden and unpredictable, the cognitive abilities of IT tools can be of immense help to IT administrators in taking prompt actions. Cognitive computing can further unlock the potential of IT management tools in identifying patterns, self-diagnosis, and responding like humans in critical situations.

What Integrations Should One Look For With IT Management Software?

IT management software integrates with G Suite, Microsoft Office, Project management software, Patch management software, Network Security tools, IT Asset Management solutions, Remote support software, Help Desk software, etc. for improved functionality and enhanced usage.

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