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The Best 3 Free and Open Source Human Resource Software Tools

The Best 3 Free and Open Source Human Resource Software Tools

HR leaders in an organization need to be more agile as the job demands them to be consistently experimental. Human Resource does not just stop with recruitment, staff management, rules, policies and keeping the organization well ahead in the chart of “Most Sought After Company” for job seekers. Such dynamics are old HR. Today, HR processes spread beyond this and are more of people operations. In this era, HR leaders need to assure that the employees are valued too.  It starts right from recruitment, engaging the employees in the right way, retaining them and creating a healthy work culture. To sum it up, several HR functions are automated, and several functions are co-functioned with other organizational operations. A comprehensive Human Resource System will help HR leaders to practice HR innovation consistently and efficiently.

Human Resource Applications available these days should be able to adapt to the agile landscape. A comprehensive free and open source Human Resource Software tool can help HR leaders to stabilize employee demands and organizational offerings.  

“You Don’t Build a Business, You Build People, and the People Build your Business.”

Interestingly, the valuation of the Human Resource management software market is poised to touch USD 11 Billion by 2023. 

What is a Human Resource SoftwareTool?

Human resource involves a huge amount of data. Today, as every business is planned in terms of the past performance and future opportunities, a proper analytical system that delivers data as per the need is all that human resource leaders aim for. Typically, a useful and efficient Human Resource tool should be capable of assisting the users with human resource information, recruitment and on-boarding functions, performance management solutions, employee engagement system, payroll management system, database management system, training, expenses, Appraisal, feedback, analytics, reports and much more. 

There are vast arrays of HR tools available in the market, and it is possible to pick the one as per the required features and that suits your need.

HR systems have grown manifold in importance since the inception of its kind. With a multitude of products and processes that require HR intervention today, it is no wonder that businesses have turned to HR tools to ease their burden. 

One such software that deserves a special mention is Accomplish EP which has carved a distinct image for itself owing to its robust functionalities and quality services. 

Accomplish EP

Accomplish is a modern human capital management software that provides HR managers and businesses all tools essential for managing their HR-related workflows with ease. With powerful human resource solutions and high-end technology, it unleashes a congenial and conducive work environment for productive workforces.  Accomplish serves more than 1000 businesses globally. Accomplish EP makes it easy for companies to handle HR, payroll, benefits, and compliance under one integrated software application. It comes with two plans: HR Essentials and HR Advanced.

Accomplish HR Software

Source-Accomplish EP

Key Features: 

  • Time tracking to monitor work hours, productivity, and efficiency
  • Payroll management for accurate salary and wage calculations
  • Document management to keep employee records organized, safe, and stored at a centralized place.
  • Leave management module with custom leave policies.
  • Self-service module for employees to track their service requests, update profile, etc. 
  • Centralized management of the entire workforce, including key workforce analytics such as retention rate, engagement levels, etc. 
  • Smart and quick enrollment to employee benefits 
  • Multiple benefits management- Commuter, Health, Retirement, Insurance, etc.
  • Manage and automate recruitment and onboarding with automated systems and digital tools
  • Manage employees appraisals, performance, engagement, compensations, and succession planning

If you are looking for free and open source human resource software solutions then, GoodFirms has compiled the list of top 3 free and open source human resource software to streamline your HR workflows. 

The Top 3 Free and Open Source Human Resource Software tools are:

Before we discuss each of the above-listed HR systems, have a look at the comparison table given below. This should offer a brief idea about each software solution and their key differentiating features.

HR Software Comparison Table

Let us discuss the listed software tools in detail.

#1 Ice HRM

IceHRM is a powerful, yet simple, free and open source Human Resource management tool that can help HR leaders to manage employee recruitment and engagement efficiently. The software has some of the finest modules. The free and open source version has limitations in terms of access to the entire modules.


[Source: Ice HRM]


  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Recruitment Management
  • Expenses Management
  • Employee Self-service
  • Staff Training

#2 Jorani

With no hidden cost, Jorani HR management software is well known for its leave management capability.  The software lets you design an efficient workflow for leave requests easily and even for the overtime request. The software also comes with built-in reports. The software code is distributed under the GPL v3 licence.

Jorani HRM

[Source: Jorani]


  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Employee Self-service
  • Contract Management
  • Recruitment Management

#3 Sentrifugo

Sintrifugo is one software solution that can be of great help for both employees and the recruiters. This open source human resource software is ideal for managing all sorts of HR functions. Sentrifugo comes with a fully featured performance appraisal module that enables HR people to assess employees for a particular period. Also, users get to use its comprehensive analytics function to define a broad range of short and long term goals. Moreover, Sentrifugo’s Talent acquisition and leave management modules are far more refined and constructed efficiently making the whole process very easy to manage.

Sentrifugo HRM

[Source: Sentrifugo]


  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Self-service
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Time Management


For HR leaders, deploying a complete approach to create talent base, to tracking them, to schedule interviews, to manage simplified employee engagement, to manage training process and to manage performance-based appraisals with simple payroll system is critical. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are incorporated in every process these days to define all future goals. HR functions are no exemption. So, you can evaluate the above-mentioned software solutions and effectively take advantage of them.

Bacon or eggs, it is all about involvement vs. commitment.

If you have used an HR software system previously or using one, please share your opinion here. If you don’t know where and how to start, then don’t hesitate to look at this all-inclusive list of best Human Resource Tools.

Also, do not forget to read and understand about other top software solutions emerging in the market.

Sophia Jayden
Sophia Jayden

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April 27, 2019 13:48

Thanks for compiling the list. I've tried two solutions from it and liking Bitrix24 a lot so far. Excellent HR features for being essentially free.

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